It is a Brummbär with coating mold, built from September 2011 to May 2012.

Box package of German Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar Dragon Models 1/35

Despite there are still two assembly stage kit I have, starting this one. This Brummbar early type was already molded Zimmerit coating so I suppose it’s easy assembly.

chassis of Brummbar Dragon Models

Panzer IV series has a large number of parts. Taking long time only making chassis. It’s out of sight, but I molded the parting line of the bottom of leaf spring suspensions.

attaching trank rollers of Brummbar Dragon Models

Completed the track roller attaching.

making body of Brummbar Dragon Models

Additional process was required if you plan to install schurzen. Quite time-consuming to attach nails like application for schurzen.

Scaffold board attach of Brummbar Dragon Models

I failed. Scaffold board attached at rear panel was only fit for short muffler but I chose long one which is early type. Remove it and reassemble new parts.

15cm gun parts assembled

15cm gun parts assembled. It runs up and down slightly, but from side to side will not work.

zimmerit coating pattern on Brummbar Dragon Models

It’s easy that the zimmerit coating pattern molded from the beginning. This pattern is good expression, not so exaggerated.

Roughly divided, there are 3 parts Brummbar Dragon Models

Roughly divided, there are 3 parts like this photo. Before painting inside in white, maybe it’s enough, this process. I tried to create a sense of dynamism to remain open some hatches. Later I’ll find standing pose German soldier later cause there’s no hatch for fitting with the figure.

Schurzen numbering, Brummbar Dragon Models

Previously, when I made the Panzer IV, due to write down the part number in black magic, erase the number with dark yellow painting was quite hard. I use white magic this time.
I understand the manufacturing process without looking instruction. I accent them with a little bullet hole marks.

caterpillar making Brummbar Dragon Models

The climax finally, Caterpillar is produced. Compare with the Tamiya adhesive, Mr.Hobby’s one drying time is faster. I mixed Mr. Cement S and Mr.Cement Deluxe 50% & 50% to adjust drying speed and viscosity.

chaterpillar winding to the roller, Brummbar Dragon Models

There are many injection pin marks on the back side of magic tracks, I put off these marks placed under road wheels that we can see easily. Later, cleaning the dust with my old toothbrush.

German Sturmartillerie Crew Dragon Models 1/35

I choose the right side soldier for matching with this Brummbar.

Brummbar crew

Struggled unexpectedly. Binoculars attached belt , I tried to use ultra-thin plastic sheet, but every time cuts broken. After all, I used lead code which had been stretched to thin plate. But it’s still a little over scale, I suppose.
The headphones do not fit the neck and I change it to hold with the left hand. With headphone cord, it is too long and not so good looking. After my painting, if not so fit for this tank, I remove this cord. I added the mold of hair with my design knife.

blowing surfacer, Brummbar Dragon Models

After blowing surfacer, painted a dark color on the areas hard to reach basic color painting.

There are so many parts not to use parts, Brummbar Dragon Models

There are so many parts not to use. The blue colored are all unused. I keep them for just in case.

Just finished basic color painting with dark yellow

Long time since last touched Brummbar. Just finished basic color painting with dark yellow. I plan to have 2 color camouflage, the next step is red brown.

Tank commander. Finished face and uniform.

Tank commander. Finished face and uniform. Figure’s height is 54mm, compare to Zippo.

Camouflage pattern on Brummbar Dragon Models

Vehicle was painted camouflage. I think it is too narrow camouflage lines compared with the installation original, but feel pretty good. I also put the Zippo side of Brummbar. At first I tried to paint camouflage on Schurzen but for a change, decided to remain dark yellow only for effective gradation of dark color and dark yellow.

decals are pasted on Brummbar

Painted hatched and wheels. Before pasting the decals, made smooth surface with clear airbrushing, and use the decal fit to paste. After the decals are completely dry, I coated with matte clear. That prevented the silvering of the decals, This process is the basic task of car modeler, I suppose.

German Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar Dragon Models 1/35 build and painting to finish

A work in progress since last year, Brummbar was completed. From the experience the infantry had struggled against the Soviet army in the city fighting of Stalingrad, Brummbar was developed as an infantry support weapon. These tanks were strong to support city fighting and attacking pillbox, etc.

Brummbar was produced in total about 300

Brummbar seems to have been produced in total about 300. It’s closed compartment defense is much higher compared to the self-propelled artillery vehicles.

caterpillar slack condition is good looking

The photo is a little dark, but the caterpillar slack condition is good looking. This time I did not mistake caterpillar attachment wrong direction. The hard painting of these many road wheels, but it’s the fate of IV type tanks.

Zimmerit Coating mold all areas from the beginning

This kit has Zimmerit Coating mold all areas from the beginning, so I tried to emphasize the mold by dry brushing.

Weathering is lighter than usual on Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär

Weathering is lighter than usual. I do because the surface is camouflage painting. I didn’t intend to do hard. Washing is heavy with dark brown to highlight the Zimmerit mold. It’s more realistic if I did the hard weathering on the top, maybe.

Scope was painted clear coating to make gloss finish, Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär

Scope was painted clear coating to make gloss finish. I also the rear binoculars painted in clear coating, but the photo angle make us not seeing shining…..

Spare caterpillar, Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär

Spare caterpillar is a little rust out.

Brummbär equips MG34 machine gun

Brummbar equips MG34 machine gun. Many things pop up from these hatches, I have no space to fit tank crew. I found remaining parting lines of antenna, after taking larger photograph, I noticed many faults.

photo with Zippo, Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär

I took the photo with Zippo but it’s hard to understand the real scale. I should take it from angle shot. I think this distance (20cm) from looking is the best.

Sturmpanzer crew on the rear deck

Gallant black night, looking combat power is so high, excellent motivation looking figure. I think the headphone cord is not matched with it so I’ll cut it later. I used Tamiya decals to the key point, these decals were pretty good finish.

Sturmpanzer crew on the rear deck, Dragon Models

I suppose this rank insignia decal is master sergeant. It’s difficult to paint contrasting on the black uniform.

Schurzen hanging Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär

Personally, I like the situation not all Schurzen hanging, a part is lacking. It expresses sense of dynamism.

German Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar Dragon Models 1/35 build and painting to finish

You may think it’s too black muzzle? At first, I painted the muzzle with various pastel and oil paint, enamel colors but not a good effect. I airbrushed at the last minute. I suppose the muzzle is really burnt looking, but it’s imagination……

side view of German Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar Dragon Models 1/35 build and painting to finish

Shot of full Schurzen equipped, I drew horizontal rub scratches here and there. Drawing the bullet mark of rifle is difficult. It’s my challenge in the future.

left side of German Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar Dragon Models 1/35

The kit decals of handwriting mark is completely same the right and left. I arrange a little and change the drawing shape. There’s no explanation of this mark meaning in instruction. I presume it’s 2nd platoon of 3rd tank, for instance.

Rear view, German Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar Dragon Models 1/35 build and painting to finish

After looking back, I had been made four German models continually. Next time I challenge the other country’s vehicle. I just get tired of dark yellow…..
The Zimmerit Coating from the beginning is very good. However, in order to express the peeling of the coating would be fun, and it’s easy to make this from the coating by myself.
For a while, I had forgotten this work in process, there are quite a sense of accomplishment that somehow I brought it to completion.

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