This is the article transferred from my former site, I built this from July to August 2007.

Box package of F-104C Starfighter Hasegawa 1/48

I want to make the jet plane this time because I had completed the WWII plane last time. I chose F-104C Starfighter. The long and slender body looks difficult to complete.

assembled the fuel tanks, main wings, and cockpit of F-104C Starfighter Hasegawa 1/48

I wonder what procedure should I make, but for the beginning I assembled the fuel tanks, main wings, and cockpit.

cockpit panel of the F-104C Starfighter Hasegawa 1/48

The cockpit is like this one. After I searched the photographs of the cockpit panel on the Internet, I pasted the decal and painted the seat belt, etc. I added the color on the panel a little in red and yellow accent.  (2007/07/14)

Sticking the right and left of a large air-frame of the F-104C Starfighter Hasegawa 1/48

Sticking the right and left of a large air-frame together. After drying the parts, I found the gap and amend it with the patty.

Completed the assemble rough shape of the F-104C Starfighter Hasegawa 1/48

I completed the assemble rough shape. I smoothed the whole surface with about the #1500 sandpaper this time because the surface treatment was not so good in P-47 assembling before and painting was not so good.

canopy F-104C Starfighter 1/48

It is a sliced masking tape and the masking of the canopy as this photo.

All the assembly process completed F-104C Starfighter 1/48

All the assembly process completed. Because this air-frame is the overall silver painting, I have assembled the tire. I lost one or two small parts, but don’t care to continue painting. Because neither the bomb nor the missile have been attached to this kit, it is quite simple. I noticed there was not a pilot either.

silver paint F-104C Starfighter 1/48

It is a silver paint finishing though the picture is not bright enough. What should I do with the jet plane painting about holding it? In case of tanks, I always fixed it on the stand and holding it by hand and easily blowing. I used chopsticks to hold this plane to insert the end of them in the jet engine exhaust opening. But it is unstable and not easy to paint airplane. It is necessary to improve next time.

main wing of silver paint F-104C Starfighter 1/48

I was surprised in the next morning after painting last night and being seen the next day. When I confirmed the surface after dried the kit, there were an innumerable typing out pin marks on the wing upper surface!!! Are there usually pin marks on the upper surface? Did I mistake to joint the top and bottom of the main wing parts? Anyway, I amended with the putty and tries to paint again. The mistake stands out after I painted silver if I finish up the surface has not been cleared. The high quality surface finishing is difficult for me even though its basic skill for the airplane modeler.

main wing of white paint F-104C Starfighter 1/48

I noticed it after all that the wing upper surface should be white and lower surface light gray. I need to do masking again. A lighter color was better though I had painted the tail with black iron. Because the black airframe and a number of the decal is the same color, it is not visible clearly. This black area was brush painted but the surface didn’t smooth. I should have blown it with airbrush even if it takes much time for masking.

completed work of F-104 1/48

At last, the F-104 was completed. I damaged some parts here and there, but anyway finished up. This kit was required painting with different colors on the nose part and the main wing, it took much time. Though I was thinking it’s simple assembling and painting.

Silver finished completed work of F-104 1/48

Painting with silver was difficult. This time, to avoid the paint work of silver becoming impure, I made the ink putting minimum effect.

completed work of cockpit F-104 1/48

It might be the aircraft modeler’s satisfaction looking into the detailed cockpit inside through the canopy. This time, I spilt thinner on the clear canopy parts and it had become cloudy. I polished with the compound and it’s the limitation around here. It’s happy to see meter board and the seat belt.

completed work of right side F-104 1/48

Decals were not shined strangely without my carelessness. I suppose the decal degree of adhesion was good for the paintwork of the clearing finish up. There was no degree of adhesion problem though the paint work of silver had been finished roughly. The decal was softly transformed after use the decal-fit, and I had to touch up to repaint some parts by small brush.

completed work of rear view F-104 1/48

The panel of iron black paint was too dark. I should have mixed with silver and that panel were better color tone. Marking is the US Air Force 479th strategy combat Air Wing in 1964.

completed work of cockpit F-104 1/48 Hasegawa

It is very satisfactory though I didn’t arrange the extra working in the cockpit, simple making following manual. Though it is not possible to make beautiful easily.

Underside of the completed F-104 1/48 Hasegawa

It did not worry the under surface because it was not so seen well. The decal of a red belt is a good accent with this airplane. Even if it is completed, the aircraft model needs the large space. This is in 40cm×20cm. How do you keep your complete works?

40 cm×20 cm F-104 1/48 Hasegawa

It is necessary to reflect on the point is finishing quality was rough overall. Handling of surface treatment before it paints, density of spraying paints, and decal quality, the assembly of the aircraft should be taken care with many points different from AFV model. I was relieved because I could complete this work anyway.

Building and painting to finish 1/48 scale F-104CBuilding and painting to finish 1/48 scale F-104C cockpitBuilding and painting to finish 1/48 scale F-104C main wingBuilding and painting to finish 1/48 scale F-104C jet engineBuilding and painting to finish 1/48 scale F-104C front right sideBuilding and painting to finish 1/48 scale F-104C rear view

I am interested in models of tanks, airplanes, ships, military figures, I build it little by little when I feel like it. I am also interested in the history of war. My starting is Tamiya’s Military Miniature series in the elementary school.
From elementary school through university students repeatedly suspend and restart my modeling, it’s about 25 years of this hobby’s history.
Born in February 1970, I live in Tokyo. From February 2007 I was quietly doing a site called “Miniature-Arcadia”. It is being transferred to this blog with the same name from December 2016. My update pace is uneven, but please come to see here occasionally.

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