It is a kit purchased from Poland hobby shop pretty long ago by individual imports. Built in March 2009.

Box package of T-70M Early Type Miniart 1/35

This kit is from Ukraine the name of the company is Mini Art. As many as five Winter coat Russian tank figures are attached.

assembly of T-70M Early Type Miniart 1/35

Strong curves on these parts from the first. I am becoming doubt to finish it up.

buinding body of T-70M Early Type Miniart 1/35

A plastic material was soft and I can adjust them easily though there are many distortions. Recovery is easy.

very simple structure, Soviet tank T-70M Early Type Miniart 1/35

I am surprised that the small number of parts in this kit, the same size as Stuart but very simple structure.

making completed, Soviet tank T-70M Early Type Miniart 1/35

Photo from the rear.

Headlights are clear parts, Soviet tank T-70M Early Type Miniart 1/35

Headlights are clear parts.

Basic paint in green, T-70M Early Type Miniart

Basic paint in green. I’ll paint in white so not so serious about the condition at the moment.

Miniart Russian tank crew figure

I chose one figure from the attachment. A Russian tank soldier who wore the heavy winter clothing. Since the hatch is large, the figure that puts on the heavy winter clothing is neatly installed.

winter camouflage of T-70M Early Type Miniart

Winter camouflage, I lightly blew white.

T-70M Early Type Miniart 1/35 build and painting to finish

T-70 light tank was completed. This tank is one process of the flow from T-30, T-50, T-60 and the Soviet army light tank have been improved as this. Only a front armor was strength equal with T-34.

T-70 began to apTurret nupear around the summer of 1942

T-70 began to appear around the summer of 1942, and supplemented the corner of the front on a bad circumstance. The vehicle was made a camouflage in winter since the figure of the attachment was winter specification.

Turret number is hand writing

When it became a good accent, red decal did the desired choice to the white ground. However, maybe it’s a qualitative problem I tried to stick by a decal fit, but it did not go well. After all, I drew the number with my brush.

rear view of Russian light tank T-70M

The body is simple even if I see from the front and from the back.

winter uniform Russian tank crew in the turret of T-70

Since I draw eyes too large every time, but this one is too small. It’s not a powerful expression as solder. I think that molding of the prototype is very good. I added the shoulder strap from plastic small plate.

Russian light tank T-70M in winter camouflage

I could not fix the figure looking at forward because the the hatch is too large.

from above view of Russian light tank T-70M

After splaying the mat white to the groundwork of the dark green, I painted with my brush irregularly on purpose. It is a setting that a real situation also painted with their brush.

chipping color in some places dark green and the other in black

I changed the chipping color in some places dark green and the other in black.

T-70M Early Type Miniart 1/35 build and painting to finish

The AFV of Mini Art is recommended for easy assemble comparatively to other Eastern European kit though I made this company’s one for the first time. The instruction manual is all colored.

I am interested in models of tanks, airplanes, ships, military figures, I build it little by little when I feel like it. I am also interested in the history of war. My starting is Tamiya’s Military Miniature series in the elementary school.
From elementary school through university students repeatedly suspend and restart my modeling, it’s about 25 years of this hobby’s history.
Born in February 1970, I live in Tokyo. From February 2007 I was quietly doing a site called “Miniature-Arcadia”. It is being transferred to this blog with the same name from December 2016. My update pace is uneven, but please come to see here occasionally.

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