I got the hobby magazine prize in Hasegawa JMC 2007.

Box package of Dragon Models T-34/85 Bedspring Armor

It is T-34/85 Russian middle tank. It is a type of avoiding German Panzer Faust to put the wire net on the side and the upper part of the tank in the end of the World War II. This time, I will finish it up in the winter camouflage and attached some figures.

Assemble completed the lower body T-34/85

Assemble completed the lower body. When I assembled the none-movable caterpillar last time, I tried to join all of the parts at the same time but it was not so good work. This time I connected these parts divided by 5 areas and fit them to the lower body little by little and it worked well.
Finished caterpillar form was better than the last one. However, it was difficult to adjust the length because T-34 caterpillar is a pair of two kinds of parts.

cut the front fender and pasting some parts T-34/85

A lot of photo-etched parts were attached. In addition, I had to cut the front fender and pasting some parts, it takes much time. I expressed the damage, bending the fender a little.

assemble completed of T-34/85 Bedspring Armor

Almost assemble completed. After I almost completed painting, the wire nets were assembled. The metal barrel surface was lightly textured by the sandpaper and improved paint sticking. Inside the engine grill was painted in black in advance, before I covered it.

Rear photo-etched parts of T-34/85 Bedspring Armor

I shaved and thinned the edge of the exhaust muffler. There were a lot of photo-etched parts. The location of the wire parts was roughly decided. This time, each hatch is a close state. Because I have a plan to place the infantrymen behind the turret in combat.

surface had been ruined with the putty T-34/85

To emphasize the texture of of casting turret, its surface had been ruined with the putty.

before painting of T-34/85 Bedspring Armor

I paid attention to set up the wire net running parallel with the armor, unless the wire net will be twisted.

OVMs and fuel tanks T-34/85 Bedspring Armor

In case of setting the bed spring armor, there’s no space to attach many OVMs and fuel tanks, tool boxes. Still, I installed the saw and the tool box. headlights clear parts are installed at the end.

Tamiya Russian tank desant

Work did not make progress because I had a business trip to Korea. At last, I set up the figure and I had not given them their weapon yet. I was going to put three figures on the back of the turret, but there was only space for two figures. However, because it is the inclination armor and the turret was also large, infantry might not have gotten on this T34 easily. This figure joined the resin head to the body of the Tamiya kit. I chose the serious face in combat.

Russian green painting

Basic painting end. I don’t understand the effective method for winter camouflage. I painted this tank in dark green. I changed the contrast to spray dark green, khaki green, olive drab, etc. Let’s paint white with the brush.

winter camouflage after Russian green painting

After painting in white, as shown in the photo. This photo is more natural than the bellow one, but at that time I felt it was too dirty, so the final painting was as shown in the following photo.

winter camouflage after Russian green painting T-34/85

I will do the chipping in the dark green and white, washing lightly to complete painting. The number of bodies and the stars were handwritten. Many Russian tanks marking were handwritten in front lines which was simple and rough. I have to attach an essential wire net.
Natural winter camouflage was very difficult to accommodate weathering.

Dragon Models T-34/85 Bedspring Armor build and painting to finish

T-34 is a representative Russian tank which had an important role of the Eastern Front in WWII. They battled with German tanks from the beginning of Barbarossa Operation to the Berlin battle.
T-34/85 was strengthened arms from T-34/76 type that the turret shape enlarged.
However, T-34s were divided more variations in detail.
I got the hobby magazine prize in Hasegawa JMC 2007.
It’s more realistic to board infantry figures. It’s next time goal. I went to the JMC Tokyo hall. All works of Master Class were wonderful.

wire net photo-etched parts of avoiding Panzer Faust, T-34/85 Bedspring Armor

This kit includes the wire net photo-etched parts of avoiding Panzer Faust, and you can reproduce the appearance of this bed spring armor easily. (I was saying easily, but difficult for me…)

winter camouflage Dragon Models T-34/85

I challenged the winter camouflage the first time. At first, I painted the base color dark green and blew in white, after that drybrushing and chipping, etc. A turret number and a red stars were handwritten as the tank crew’s writing on the front line.

Rear view of Dragon Models T-34/85

The winter painting remains on the lower chassis. I tried to on board 2 tank desants, but after attaching the wire net on the engine cover, there’s no space. There’s no figure this time because all the hatched were shut under the combat situation. These figures under working will have a chance to board on the other vehicle.

hand writing of unit marks of Dragon Models T-34/85

I painted this tank in the image of early spring rather than the midwinter. I balanced base dark green, winter white and mud dirt around the foot. I assumed to express rust a lot in humid season. Placed rusting where the camouflage started peeling off on the upper part of the body.

upper turret of Dragon Models T-34/85

Placed rusting where the camouflage started peeling off on the upper part of the body.

Rear panel bed spring armor of Dragon Models T-34/85

It is necessary to complete painting to some degree before attachment of the photo-etched parts. The brush doesn’t reach under the net after installing these wire nets. I repeated the same work twice.

T-34 covered with the whole body wire net

T-34 covered with the whole body wire net is eccentric and interesting.

Front face of T-34/85

This kit assemble was straight from the box, but I had to cut and paste some parts in addition there were many photo-etched parts. It is quite interesting to paint winter camouflage, it’s my first time. I want to try the painting of the North African vehicle next time.

build and painting to finish of T-34/85 painting to finish of T-34/85 winter camouflage painting to finish of T-34/85 white camouflage Rear view of T-34/85 white camouflage white winter camouflage T-34 turret covered with winter camouflage T-34/85 turret covered winter camouflage hand writing of winter camouflage T-34 bed spring armor 1/35 scale


I am interested in models of tanks, airplanes, ships, military figures, I build it little by little when I feel like it. I am also interested in the history of war. My starting is Tamiya’s Military Miniature series in the elementary school.
From elementary school through university students repeatedly suspend and restart my modeling, it’s about 25 years of this hobby’s history.
Born in February 1970, I live in Tokyo. From February 2007 I was quietly doing a site called “Miniature-Arcadia”. It is being transferred to this blog with the same name from December 2016. My update pace is uneven, but please come to see here occasionally.

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