It is a figure of American infantry soldier during World War II. I made it in May 2014.

Box package of U.S. Army WWII Infantry at Remagen 1945 Dragon Models 1/35

Now I’m making the U.S. Army figure that the theme of a battle of the Bridge At Remagen in 1945 because I am feeling short on fun when it is only a 105mm howitzer producing. There seem to be no story characteristics with six figures, anyway I’ll make all of them.

U.S. Army infantry putting on a coat with the rifle

It’s the infantry putting on a coat with the rifle. Because the rifle sling was not attached in the kit as usual, I created it by myself. I made it with a plastic sheet.

U.S. Army infantry very rare figure of medic soldier

It is a very rare figure of medic soldier, unusually included. This kit is attached the Red Cross decals of the helmet and the armband. The cigarette is from slim brass line.

U.S. Army infantry rifleman

Another rifle soldier’s holding rifle sling was hand made from the chopped brass sheet. I think that it’s suitable to express such natural curve line and hang down situation. I made the sling ring with slab lead used at fishing.

U.S. Army WWII Infantry at Remagen 1945 Dragon Models 1/35

I suppose he resembles captain Miller in the movie of Saving Private Ryan. This made a sling from the chopped aluminum sheet for trial. Because the hardness has been just right, it was easier to work than brass sheet. This soldier has a cigarette, too. I think it’s better that the mold of the camouflage net of helmet is more emphasized.

U.S. Army infantry radioman

The cord of the receiver was made of the copper wire of the audio product. I made the antenna with metal wire of 0.5mm, but after all seem to be considerably too thick when I watch it with a photograph. It seems to carry some fishing rod on his back. So I’ll switch to the line of 0.2mm later. This pose is a good atmosphere like the situation in combat.

U.S. Army infantry holding his binoculars

I think it’s very realistic when I attach a strap to the binoculars. I made the rifle sling like other figures. Gee, it was quite hard to make six bodies.

painting surfacer on U.S. Army WWII Infantry at Remagen 1945 Dragon Models 1/35

Many metal parts are used in this kit, so I blew surfacer in advance.

basic painting of U.S. Army WWII Infantry at Remagen 1945 Dragon Models 1/35

During the basic painting. Some parts are shining, I need to paint mat coating later. Infantry soldiers have many baggage and equipment, hard to paint each of them…

I painted all the figures with Tamiya enamel

I painted all the figures with Tamiya enamel this time. The wrinkle of clothes is emphasized as the reflection of light to gain sharp accent even if I enjoyed looking middle distance.

monotony softens a little by changing colors with brown, khaki and beige

I think monotony softens a little by changing colors with brown, khaki and beige.

decal of the medic red cross is considerably precious

The decal of the medic red cross is considerably precious. But, I have used all without regret. Strangely, the rare parts which I liked want to be kept at hand without using it. Very strange.

U.S. Army infantry wearing his coat

Some figures are painted very much as handsome, some are not so good even before the painting was good looking. Because the conclusion was terrible even if the 1mm writing brush slips off, there is an interesting part.

radio antenna is quite natural

The radio antenna is quite natural than bold metal wire which I showed in the making process.

Commander is searching the target through his binoculars.

Six figure kit of this dragon models, size is slightly bigger than 1/35, my impression. Maybe image of 1/32 scale?

US infantry commander and radioman

I like these stability pose.

US infantry medic and riflemen

All the members wear leather boots. It looks considerably high quality boots. That reminds me, I have remembered the scene that Sergeant Saunders asked for new boots from a recruit soldier in the TV drama Combat! first season.

military figure painting

Another shot from different angle.

military figure building and finishing

I remembered the time of the elementary schoolchild in this way set out these figures in various ways. The eraser of the superpower car and the eraser of the villain monster of the TV heroes called Ultraman are popular with elementary school in Japan approximately 35 years ago. These were the size of half of these figures.

U.S. Army WWII Infantry at Remagen 1945 Dragon Models 1/35 build and painting to finish

I reflect whether I should have worked on the painting a little more slowly and more carefully. Well, six members gathered and good atmosphere so it’s OK this time. Figure painting is difficult, but very interesting.

I am interested in models of tanks, airplanes, ships, military figures, I build it little by little when I feel like it. I am also interested in the history of war. My starting is Tamiya’s Military Miniature series in the elementary school.
From elementary school through university students repeatedly suspend and restart my modeling, it’s about 25 years of this hobby’s history.
Born in February 1970, I live in Tokyo. From February 2007 I was quietly doing a site called “Miniature-Arcadia”. It is being transferred to this blog with the same name from December 2016. My update pace is uneven, but please come to see here occasionally.

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