It is a kit that mixes German soldiers and Russian soldiers. I think it is pretty good, built in March 2015. I finished it with oil painting.

Box package of German infantry and Russian infantry winter uniform Dragon Models 1/35

For my exercise, I try this Dragon figure kit while I’m waiting the Alpine resin figure drying. The soldier of the German and Russian in winter equipment. German & Russian figure mixed kit is very rare.

all parts of German infantry and Russian infantry winter uniform Dragon Models

Ordinary figure parts and common dragon kit equipment parts included.

quilting uniform German soldier

It’s fluffy quilting uniform German soldier, it’s really rare. Judging from the form of the helmet, he is Fallschirmjager soldier.

coat parts of German

I wrote numbers on the back of coat parts for memo. He is holding a signal flare pistol, I suppose.

making of Russian soldier

This Russian soldier’s left arm parts is rare that a machine-gun strap is one part of a hand. Later I added a missing strap from metal parts, anyway it’s OK.

Dragon Models figure before painting

Rough assembling was completed. Because they are all individual uniform and equipment, I was making all four pleasantly. Dragon Models does not seem to release the new military figure product recently. I wonder they are not popular.

mold of the quilting was deep, German soldier

The mold of the quilting was deep, but after filing, some molds are disappearing so I needed to re-carved with a needle.

thin coat wearing German officer

This soldier looks like thin coat and be cold. Possibly it’s around the New Year of 1942. The German military of that time should have had a hard fight in the situation that the equipment was short in that severe winter.

Good mold of ushanka

Good mold of ushanka (Russian winter hat). The cigarette was cut brass line into short pieces. It’s Russian characteristic that the round magazine of the PPsh-41 sub-machine gun.

Tokarev M1938 rifle

Russian soldier Tokarev M1938 rifle, and wears a coat. As for the equipment, quite older than the Russian soldier mentioned above. I can’t say all four members are handsome, but individual looking.

oil painting on Dragon Models figure

I painted basic colors roughly. The coat is glossy and unnatural now. I hope this will be amended after splaying mat coating.

oil painting on Russian figure

This is Russian Team. I’m afraid their eyes rolled back white…..

completed face painting

More detailed painting completed include faces. I suppose they are very normal, not so bad.

Fallschirmjäger jacket

More detailed painting. The right Fallschirmjäger jacket is too white so I’ll have some weathering later.

painted the shadow and highlights

I painted the shadow and highlights here and there on these Russian soldiers.

all 4 figures are painted in oil

This time, all 4 figures are painted in oil again. The first one is German Fallschirmjäger holding sub machine-gun MP-40. It’s a rare injection kit of wearing quilting jacket. I had some washing in the quilting pattern to show up. This figure’s lively and favorable expression.

wearing a characteristic helmet of a special force and feel of an elite

He is wearing a characteristic helmet of a special force and feel of an elite. I added a machine-gun strap made from small metal slip. It’s difficult to attach to machine-gun with instant glue.

firing signal flares

This is the figure of firing signal flares. Very serious expression before assault. I had a little mad weathering with coat hem.

highlights and shadows on the coat

I drew highlights and shadows on the coat which is very monotonous in one color field gray. Regarding the whole painting in oil, every color should be made by myself, it was difficult. But the drying time is a long time so I can take much time to work.

Ushanka (Ушанка) cap and sub machine-gun PPsh-41

The Ushanka (Ушанка) cap and sub machine-gun PPsh-41 can be indicated that he is a Russian soldier. A little bit fearful expression, but I suppose good drawing.

His height is same as AA battery.

I drew highlight on his khaki uniform for accent. His height is same as AA battery.

private infantry holding Tokarev M1938 rifle (SVT-38) in his both hands

He is private infantry holding Tokarev M1938 rifle (SVT-38) in his both hands. I didn’t feel anything about this figure when I assembled, after finish up I like this expression very much, good-faith looking.

shoulder insignia was being drawn in hand writing

This soldier’s shoulder insignia was being drawn in hand writing. His lank is private. I painted his helmet rusty and scaling off the paint, like the atmosphere of old veteran.

enjoy military figure painting

I enjoyed painting of every figure. All four are Caucasian and season is hard winter that I painted all face more whitish. These figure size is like a finger, hard to paint in detail. Tiny one stroke of run over brush is drastic changing the image. Next time I would like to challenge 1/16 scale figure.

nice looking German infantry white camouflage helmet figure on the small wood holding cigarette in his hand Russian winter uniform natural standing pose nice expression Russian infantry very beautiful painting fiture very small but detailed figure repaint face German infantry reddish and lively expression figure nice molded figure Ostfront winter combatants Ostfront winter combatants Gen2 figure Dragon Gen2 series figure Russian infantry standing in natural pose holding ryfle wearing dark green coat Russian combat unit Dragon Models Russian figure 1/35 scale Soviet infantry repaint the face more lively strap was made of thin metal plate later WWII Russian uniform Soviet infantry back view of Dragon Models Russian figure 1/35 scale winter combatants of Russia

I repainted it a little, because the skin color was too white.

I am interested in models of tanks, airplanes, ships, military figures, I build it little by little when I feel like it. I am also interested in the history of war. My starting is Tamiya’s Military Miniature series in the elementary school.
From elementary school through university students repeatedly suspend and restart my modeling, it’s about 25 years of this hobby’s history.
Born in February 1970, I live in Tokyo. From February 2007 I was quietly doing a site called “Miniature-Arcadia”. It is being transferred to this blog with the same name from December 2016. My update pace is uneven, but please come to see here occasionally.

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