German Panzer Crew Set Tristar 1/35

Tristar's German Waffen SS tank crew set. Unfortunately, it may be out of production. They are a German tank crew wearing a beret in the early days. These figures can be used in early tanks and armored vehicles from I to IV, but these kinds of figures haven't been released so often.

M4A1 Sherman 75Mm Early Version Dragon 1/35

Dragon's M4A1 Sherman. Judging from the package, it seems to be an old kit. It is quite rare for a U.S. tank to have a combination track included in its kit. The marking of this tank is the 1st co., 2nd battalion, 67th Armored Regiment, 2nd Armored Division in Sicily, July 1943.

U.S. Tank Crew Set North West Europe Miniart 1/35

This is a Miniart US tank crew set. Everyone wears gloves and jumpers and coats. Probably about from 1944 autumn and 1945 winter.

German Volkssturm Berlin 1945 Dragon 1/35

Dragon German Volkssturm kit. This is a figure with a slightly sad look. I made my own firearm strap with a layer of masking tape and made a metal part of the strap by using thin copper wire.

U.S. Machine-Gunners M1917A1 Browning Heavy Machine-Gun Master Box 1/35

It is a set of a Master Box Browning heavy machine gun and two soldiers. I changed it to resin head, but I thought the original one was enough as well. I think it was released relatively early among Masterbox kits.

U.S. Army Cargo Truck 2.5 ton 6 X 6 Italeri 1/35

I built Italeri 2.5 ton cargo truck. I wanted to add more chipping because it is a single-color paint. I used the hairspray technique for the first time in a while. Maybe I did too much weathering.
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