3.7cm FLAK37 Sd.Kfz7/2 Armored Cab Type German 8-ton Half-Track Tamiya 1/35

This is a Tamiya kit of FLAK37 German 8-ton Half-Track. I tried to use a similar kit of Tamiya before and failed to install a Modelkasten track set, so this time it is revenge. I could choose the marking two types, Gross-Deutschland Armored Grenadier Division, and Herman Gering 2nd Battalion. I chose Gross-Deutschland.

T-80U Russian Main Battle Tank Xact 1/35

It's a Xact T-80U kit. I was surprised about what to do when I opened the kit box and found a twisted belt track, but otherwise, it was a great kit. I wonder if this manufacturer is no longer active. Business continuity is difficult. I tried T-80, which is the guard of the Soviet Army.

Patton M48A3 Mod.B U.S. Army Main Battle Tank Dragon 1/35

It is a Dragon Patton M48A3 tank. I made a shark mouse mark with a Vietnam War vehicle. I did weathering with the image of Vietnamese soil. I think there is no problem with the texture of the Dragon Styrene Caterpillar.
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