Object 279 Soviet Prototype Heavy Tank Amusing Hobby 1/35

This is Amusing Hobby Object 279. If you like to wear a combination track, don't hesitate to do this! The vehicle with a vicious form that can withstand a nuclear war is popular among Russian tank fans. It is rumored that the Amusing Hobby is the hardest to assemble among the 3 competitive production companies, but it was completed successfully.

Imperial Japanese Army Tank Crew Set No.2 Finemolds 1/35

Finemolds tank soldier set. I changed the head to resin and did other things. Tank soldiers in the Imperial Army generally wore work uniforms called "Iko" (work clothes and hakama) in consideration of ease of movement and the environment during maintenance.

Type 4 Chi-To Imperial Japanese Army Medium Tank Finemolds 1/35

I built a Finemolds type 4 medium tank Chi-To. The track is a belt type, but if you carefully wind it, it will look quite realistic. I was weathering with the idea that it was a tank used for homeland defense in Japan, however before I knew it, the tone was the same as usual.
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