German Tank Crew 1939-1943 Dragon 1/35

Dragon German tank crew figure set. There is 6 crew in total. It's a typical German tank soldier's black uniform. The crew of Neubau-Fahrzeug that I made earlier is 6 crew, so it is not a bad situation to put a figure on a tank.

Neubau-Fahrzeug Rheinmetall-Fahrgestell Und Krupp-Turm Geänderte Mg-Türme German Tank Dragon 1/35

It is the Neubau-Fahrzeug multi-turret tank of Dragon, Cyber-Hobby. Neubau-Fahrzeug is a multi-turret tank developed before the outbreak of World War II. In Germany, after the defeat in World War I, the possession of tanks was prohibited under the restrictions of the Treaty of Versailles, so they were developing under the name of large tractors.

KV-1 Type-C Russian Heavy Tank Tamiya 1/35

This is the old kit of Tamiya's KV-1 heavy tank. I used this because I had a leftover belt-style Trumpeter. Adhesion is possible with plastic adhesives, so subtle looseness of track can be expressed only by adhesion. This time, the metal wire is stuck to the chassis to loosen the track.

SWS (Schwerer Wehrmachtsschlepper) German Cargo Half-Track Italeri 1/35

It is an Italeri SWS cargo half truck. It was a fairly old kit, but it was a part of a partially connected track. The SWS cargo half truck is designed to simplify the complicated mechanism of the existing half-track for mass production. Caterpillar is wide and suitable for the muddy ground of the Eastern Front.
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