I Started to Keep a Cat / Munchkin / I Bought a Cat Tower

I thought the jumping power of the Munchkin is limited because its legs are short, but I bought a cat tower as it has a lot of exercises and jumps high. Photos of the assembly process are shown.

I Started to Keep a Cat / Munchkin / The Second Vaccine & Cat Mold (Fungus)

It's too difficult for a beginner to have a kitten with fungus. It is hair-cutting everywhere on his body. When I welcomed the kitten in early April, it was 1.2 kg, but now it's 1.6 kg. I think it has become heavy recently even if I sit on my knees.

Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf. J Vk16.01 German Light Tank Hobby Boss 1/35

It is Hobby Boss Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf. J. A unit insignia like this tower, the hobby boss manual has absolutely no description at all. I think that I have seen somewhere and examine it in various ways, it seems to be a mark of a unit called the order police, Ordnungpolizei.

I Started to Keep a Cat / Munchkin / Skin Problems

This kitten, Munchkin Chai, had a skin problem in his nose and ears before coming to our house. He's still under treatment. I think he has recovered, the part where he had peeled off seems to be slightly growing hair. Did he peel it off because of stress? I hope he gets better soon.

I Started to Keep a Cat / Munchkin Super Short Leg / My Cat Gets into Bed

It's been cold for the past few days, so I left the cat living room on the heater, but now it's coming into the double bed we're sleeping in. He seems to know the good heat insulation performance of the down quilt. Chai urinates properly in the toilet, so it's okay for now.

I Started to Keep a Cat / Munchkin Super Short Leg / Prepared Dishes

I couldn't share it with human tableware forever, so I bought cat-only dishes. I heard that Nekoichi's food bowl and water bowl are standard among cat owners. Since we came all the way here, we chose the special version of 2019 with a painting of Mt. Fuji.

I Started to Keep a Cat / Munchkin Super Short Leg / Male 3 Months

I started keeping a cat. He has very short legs. Even though it is the first day, he is very sweet-like. It's probably because the breeder grew them without fear of humans. It is soaked in solid total nutritional food and mixed with half-kneaded feed.

Kampfgruppe Peiper (Joachim Peiper & Staff, Ardennes 1944) Dragon 1/35

This is a figure of Joachim Peiper and his staff released from Dragon. The resin figure and injection head were used together. After all, resin ones are easier to paint because the mold is sharp. The recently released kit may be different.
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