Syusui Mitsubishi J8M Rocket-Powered Interceptor Finemolds 1/35

Finemolds Shusui. This prototype fighter jet, Shusui, was designed based on a blueprint of a fighter jet that was put to practical use, such as the Messerschmidt Me163, provided by Germany. Marking is a test ride aircraft of Captain Toyohiko Inuzuka during the first flight of a test model Syusui.

Shidenkai (George) Kawanishi N1K2-J IJ Interceptor Hasegawa 1/48

I made the Hasegawa Shiden-Kai. This marking is 407th Fighter Squadron 343rd Naval Flying Group Sqd. Ldr, Hayashi, April 1945. The 343rd Naval Flying Group Sqd. fought with the F6F, F4U, and SB2C over Shikoku Matsuyama in March 1945, resulting in 54 Shiden-kai and 7 Shiden shooting down 52 enemy aircraft.
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