German 2cm Flak38 Pzkpfw 38(t) Tristar 1/35

Tristar German 2 cm 38 (t) anti-aircraft tank was built. By the way, I have a 2cm antiaircraft figure so I tried to match it with this tank. It's a little tight. I remember that the 12th Panzer Division was a mark like Y, and I think it's strange, I thought the manual marking indication was wrong. It is not the 12th Panzer Division but the 12th SS Panzer Division. It's the Hitlerjugend Division.

British Tank Crew Miniart 1/35

Miniart British tank crew figures. The uniforms of British tanks change a lot depending on where they were active in North Africa or Western Europe. It includes soldiers in unusual uniforms like leather vests.
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