Somua S35 Tamiya 1/35

It is Tamiya's Somure S35, French middle tank. The marking is tank number 56 of the 18th Dragoon Regiment. For the first time in a while, all the basic painting was done by brushing. Vallejo was easier to apply, but Tamiya acrylic was enough for a narrow area.

A-4E Skyhawk Hobby Boss 1/48

This is the Hobby Boss, A-4E Sky Hawk. There are various accessories such as a bomb. The marking is U.S. Navy VC-1 (Fleet Composite Squadron One). The nickname was Blue Ali. The aircraft belonging to this unit provided training support for virtual enemy aircraft missions and onboard aircraft in target towing and fleet ECM training.

F-15E Strike Eagle Revell 1/48

I built the Revell F-15E Strike Eagle. I built the F-15E Strike Eagle which is 1/48 scale of the level. This is said to be the best kit in F-15E. I like it because it is easy to make, the parts match well and the mold is precise. Marking is the335th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Chiefs" 4th Fighter Wing. It's during the Desert Storm mission in the Gulf War of February 1991.
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