F-100D Super Sabre Thunderbirds Trumpeter 1/48

This time, I made a Trumpeter kit with a special decal for the Thunderbirds, a Super Sabre acrobatic team. The markings were for Captain Merrill A. McPeak at the 1967 Air Show. He has made hundreds of sorties in the Vietnam War. He was eventually named Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force.

I Made a Cat Toy, Felt Ball

My cat, Munchkin Chai, loves a string toy and a ball since he was a kitten. So I made a felt ball with wool felt and felt puncher, which is tools like needles to harden things.

Antonov An-2/An-2CX Colt Hobby Boss 1/48

It is a kit of Antonov AN-2 military aircraft of Hobby Boss. It is a biplane developed in the former Soviet Union in 1947. Antonov AN-2 is used for various purposes such as transportation, pesticide spraying, fire fighting, passenger use, etc.
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