BMP-1 Russian Infantry Fighting Vehicle Trumpeter 1/35


BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 BOX PACKAGEI try to build the Soviet Union forces, BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle in the Cold War period. The progress may be slow.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKINGThere are not many track rollers. The fitting of chassis parts is also good, and it seems built smoothly.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKINGOh, cutting out work is annoying. It looks like a pretty small amount, these are tracks for one vehicle. A sharp design knife is recommended.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKINGThis is all prepared for building the tracks. These are snap-fit type movable. Fitting is very easy to assemble.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKINGAccording to the instruction, required 85 tracks, in my feeling, even 84 is a little too long. Because it is hidden on the side cover and whether it is not necessary to worry too much. I wonder if it is not necessary to care about the joint tracks.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKINGSince the upper surface body is distorted by a poor fit with the chassis, before mounting the large front parts, I had better glue the top and bottom together. Or this part is the last to mount.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKINGA lot of the periscopes are located in the rear half of the vehicle for the boarded infantries. Many clear parts are in this kit.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKINGEarly-morning model assembling. This kit is shining, lit up by the sunshine. I want to make a model in a room with a view overlooking the beautiful sea if possible. Unfortunately, I see an urban canal now.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKINGEtched parts and a metal gun barrel is a good point. I felt these parts make me an expert. Because the photo-etched parts are a small amount, it is not serious at all.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKINGThere was an uneven step on the front lower body, I filled it up with putty and made it flat. Better to leave the junction mold of armor might be good. After all, this is OK because the gap was too large.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKINGThe fitting of the side fender is not bad. Generally, almost parts impression is sharp and good.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKINGBMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKINGBMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKINGBMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 PAINTINGI painted the panel rim and fenders with a slightly blackish color.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 PAINTINGThis is the basic color of Russian Green. I used the Creos Mr. Color No.136 Russian Green.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 PAINTINGI chose a decal of the Russian Army. There were also other markings of East Germany (Deutsche Demokratische Republik; DDR) and the Soviet Union. It takes a little more time to the completion.
Sorry, maybe this is a Czech BMP.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKThe BMP is the meaning of the Infantry Fighting Vehicle in Russian, in the Russian Боевая Машина Пехоты.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKDeployed from the 1960s, the method of the infantry with the armored vehicle was epoch-making. The West has also begun to develop them, we have an increasing number of infantry combat vehicles.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKI think we cannot say the BMP-1 is amphibious, but at least it has water navigation. There’s no screw as Volkswagen Schwimmwagen, but the BMP-1 can sail at a speed of 7km on the water by the force of the caterpillar roll.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKThe clear parts of the headlight are a very good accent for sober painting tanks.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKThe armaments are the 73 mm 2A28 Grom low-pressure smoothbore short-recoil semi-automatic gun, ATGM launcher for 9M14 Malyutka, 7.62 mm PKT coaxial machine-gun.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKA small turret is only covered from above. When it’s put in once, hard to change the angle of a gun turret. I could rearrange it with a thin cutter.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKHowever, after being completed, I lifted the main gun barrel with my finger when changing the angle. It was good to glue a barrel firmly with a turret.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKPeriscopes are everywhere. Because it is a personnel carrier, and periscopes for troops in transit, there are also pistol ports on both sides. For the operation, 3 crew is required. Also, infantry up to 8 people can be boarded.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKPeriscopes were painted in gloss black. I intended to put the reflection prevention seat for the Stryker released from AFV Club, but I saw a real vehicle photograph having periscopes in black.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKThe back is space for transportation, so there seems to be an engine placed at the front. I wonder about the wire mesh that the exhaust outlet. It was painted a little darker.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKI discussed one of the weathering methods with a modeler by chance, I don’t know how to say it in English, but it’s a technique of used aqueous paint thinned with fuel alcohol to express natural mud and dust. I have never used this technique. My way is used thinned enamel paint with pastel, thinned enamel fixed the small pastel on the surface after drying.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKI have written the title as the Soviet Union Army, but exactly it is the Russian Army. No, maybe it’s a Czech vehicle, I mistook it.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKThe box picture and paint instruction are different in painting in detail. I chose the black gun barrel, which looks cool.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKBesides, I grayed a traction hook and painted a spare caterpillar tread in black. It is slightly dull only with Russian green.

BMP-1 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKBMP-1 looks cool there is a sense of stability, the appearance of the vehicle height is low. Afghanistan and African countries under the influence of the former communist bloc, I have seen the white vehicle of the UN. The variations of the paint might be unexpectedly interesting.

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