BT-5 Soviet Light Tank Zvezda 1/35


It was built from October to November 2007. It was pretty difficult.

BT-5 ZVEZDA 1/35 BOX PACKAGEIt’s a very old kit, on the back of the chassis, there’s a mold “ZVEZDA, Russia”. I heard that this kit is easy to assemble even Eastern European kits are difficult to complete.

BT-5 ZVEZDA 1/35 MAKINGIt seems difficult that the mold is rough and some parts are not well-shaped.

BT-5 ZVEZDA 1/35 MAKINGI assembled it without caution as the photo. Many parts have a surface sink, a junction was just not fit.

BT-5 ZVEZDA 1/35 MAKINGThere was a huge gap in the body junction, I fixed it with epoxy putty and light-curing putty.

BT-5 ZVEZDA 1/35 MAKINGI changed the front hatch, rear hatch handle to the brass wire, changed headlights to clear parts.

BT-5 ZVEZDA 1/35 MAKINGBecause the caterpillar was a set of two pieces, the length adjustment was difficult. Length slightly remained. Because there is no other way, I cut one of the parts with nippers at a halfway position, and the loose condition of the caterpillar may just be improved.

BT-5 ZVEZDA 1/35 MAKINGThere are black parts on the upper part of the turret in the real car photograph on the Internet. I put up the polyester because it was not in the kit. Maybe it’s a machine gun mounted on the device?

BT-5 ZVEZDA 1/35 MAKING RUSSIAN TANK CREWI put the figure in the tank. It is a young crew with a Russian tank cap. The extending runner added the skin band of the cap. It is a worried face.

BT-5 ZVEZDA 1/35 MAKING RUSSIAN TANK CREWThere is a machine gun in the real car photograph next to the turret. I suitably made it from the runner.

BT-5 ZVEZDA 1/35 PAINTINGAfter blowing Russian green with the airbrush, Brown is brush painted.

BT-5 ZVEZDA 1/35 PAINTINGDecal quality was not so good and I could not fit them on the body. It’s difficult to fit on the mat surface. Trying to use the decal softer was in vain.

BT-5 ZVEZDA 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOThis time, it’s a Soviet light tank BT-5. Engineer John Walter Christie in the United States developed a Christie fast tank. The licensed production right was sold to the Soviet Union for various reasons.
This tank was possible running that without removable caterpillar on the road, the speed of about 100km. As for the replacement to T-34, after all, detaching the caterpillar might have been unnecessary on the battlefield.

BT-5 ZVEZDA 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOThe BT tank appears frequently as a weak enemy with the scene model. I made this tank in the situation of the Spanish civil war in 1936. At that time, the tank of a German army that supported the Franco army seems to have fought hard against 42 calibers 45mm tank gun power. When a strong chain as often seen in the battlefield photograph is rolled to the front side, it seems to be strong.

BT-5 ZVEZDA 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOBecause a part of molding the trank roller had been buried, I punctured it again in the drill of 1mm.

BT-5 ZVEZDA 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOThe caterpillar fastness belt was used from the kit. I thinly shaved it down.

BT-5 ZVEZDA 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOI only painted blacking it this time, though the engine grill was more real if I use the photo-etched parts.

BT-5 ZVEZDA 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOA tattered decal was corrected more or less at the end of the making report. After all, there should be better with a red, white line because of the feature of this marking at a Spanish civil war.

BT-5 ZVEZDA 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOI drew tank soldier’s eyes a little large. The quality of the resin head is marvelous.

BT-5 ZVEZDA 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOBecause the joint of the fore hatch and the hinge was bad, it was not easy to have installed it. I cut it down and made it by myself with a plastic board.

BT-5 ZVEZDA 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOBefore assembling, I thought it’s easy to complete because the parts are not so many. But in the process, there were many difficult processes. But anyway I could complete it. Especially I like this figure very much.


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