It’s a Canadair Sabre. This is the air-frame of the F-86 base. I built it in September 2007.

CANADAIR SABRE HASEGAWA 1/48 BOX PACKAGEThis time, I’ll build Hasegawa Canadair Sabre F-86. This kit is easy to assemble for beginners. I try to finish up with beautiful paintings.

CANADAIR SABRE HASEGAWA 1/48 COCKPITThe photo is assembled as instruction. It’s easy not to paint detailed cockpit panel, I only used decal.

CANADAIR SABRE HASEGAWA 1/48 COCKPITPhoto from the side. I omitted the seat belt.

CANADAIR SABRE HASEGAWA 1/48 MAKINGI painted the inside of the side panel for opening it.

CANADAIR SABRE HASEGAWA 1/48 MAKINGI covered the inside of landing gear and side panel by masking tape, after that, I attached masking liquid for detailed part.

CANADAIR SABRE HASEGAWA 1/48 PAINTINGI painted under the surface of the body in light gray. I should have painted in satin but the only mat color I have. I’ll spray satin coat before attaching decal. The building aircraft model is highly required masking tape.

CANADAIR SABRE HASEGAWA 1/48 PAINTINGI painted a dark green part, compared with the instruction.

CANADAIR SABRE HASEGAWA 1/48 PAINTINGIt takes much time to dry because I use Humbrol paints. Next process is also masking. I would like to peel off all the tapes soon…

CANADAIR SABRE HASEGAWA 1/48 PAINTINGThe basic color painting was completed, it’s somber body. The image will change after attaching colorful decals.

CANADAIR SABRE HASEGAWA 1/48 PAINTINGThis week I have to go business trip to China and no time to have the modeling. Canadian national marking was wrinkled, I’m not sure the reason but maybe too strong decal softener I used. I should not have used it for multi-colored decals. Not so good looking, but anyway I’ll finish up this model…

CANADAIR SABRE HASEGAWA 1/48 FINISHED PHOTOCanadair Sabre Mk.5 is the license model of North American F-86. Armaments are 12.7mm machine-gun x 6. It has good mobility and a rival of Mig-15.

CANADAIR SABRE HASEGAWA 1/48 FINISHED PHOTOThe landing gear was bent to inside a little, unbalanced. And I almost forgot to set balancer in the body and falling on its backside.

CANADAIR SABRE HASEGAWA 1/48 FINISHED PHOTOAs I commented on the making report, the Canadian Insignia decal was wrinkled so I retouched by small brush. In zoom up looking, we can rough part, but from here it is not bad, is it?

CANADAIR SABRE HASEGAWA 1/48 FINISHED PHOTOMarking is Canadian Air force 416th Air squadron at Carte Blanche in June 1955. This tactical exercise was operated by NATO in Europe, 3,000 aircraft were on campaign.

CANADAIR SABRE HASEGAWA 1/48 FINISHED PHOTOLarge yellow cross at exercise is highly visible, but this yellow decal was too thin and I can see through based paints. Decals are an important part in making aircraft so this time I have many concerning parts.

CANADAIR SABRE HASEGAWA 1/48 FINISHED PHOTOPainting cockpit flame was difficult. This time, I use deep color so I thought no problem for spray directly to cockpit clear parts. But after all, the paintwork was slightly thinner.

CANADAIR SABRE HASEGAWA 1/48 FINISHED PHOTOMy target is a beautiful body so I did not do weathering. I usually make weathering to AFVs but what is the standard finishing of Aircraft models?

CANADAIR SABRE HASEGAWA 1/48 FINISHED PHOTOInside of the side panel was painted based on the instruction. I suppose it’s looking good! I had to be careful masking when try to disclose many panels.

CANADAIR SABRE HASEGAWA 1/48 FINISHED PHOTOIt’s very simple under the surface, only missile and fuel tank but hard for me. Considering after the completion, it was better to assemble all the same colored parts first and painting afterward.

CANADAIR SABRE HASEGAWA 1/48 FINISHED PHOTOI said, trying to assemble beautifully but the conclusion was shabby. Anyway, from the far angle, it’s good looking!!

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