I’m just beginning to mess around with WordPress and I’m not quite sure, but for now let’s organize the finished work of the past in a posted article. Let’s arrange it on the fixed page as it accumulates. The second piece is the Centurion of the Australian army. It is built from February to March 2007.

Australian Centurion Mk5/1 kit package

This time, Centurion tank in Australian army. Australia dispatched one infantry regiment, one armored regiment and one missile destroyer to Vietnam and the number of totals was about 7,700 people.

Centurion Mk5/1 lower side of the body assembly. AFV CLUB 1/35

The lower side of the body assembly. These rubber tires were attached to the road wheels with glue. Because R3 parts had not fit straight, I sliced and adjusted it in length with the cutter. Upper idler wheels were not well fixed tightly so I poured glue and instant adhesive by force and now strength is enough, I suppose. The joint of parts is excellent as a whole.  (2007/02/17)

belt type caterpillar of Centurion Mk5/1

The belt type caterpillar of the kit attachment was installed. I feel it is enough quality, though a movable caterpillar is put on the market by the optional. It was not effective to use plastic adhesive, but good adhesion by use instant adhesive. There were a lot of parts attached on the back of the body and it’s confusing me. But after jointed upper armor plate, the inside is not so seen well and all right. The chassis seems very good when the caterpillar was installed.  (2007/02/24)

spare trank roller and caterpillar of Centurion

Body lower side assembly was completed, though it is unsightly after the glue. The front side of the body might be equipped with a spare trank roller and caterpillar and defense power was increased a little. (2007/02/26)

Rear panel of Centurion Mk5/1 AFV CLUB 1/35

Because the wire of the kit attachment was hard and had had a difficult in handling, I substituted it with a stainless wire. If the sagging condition was changed with a right and left wire cable before the assembly, it might have been better. The attachment of the wire cable was difficult. The wire of the kit attachment should have been annealed.I lost one knob on the engine room and made in the brass line.

Centurion Mk5/1 metal barrel of AFV CLUB 1/35

The metal barrel of 20-pound artillery seems quite reliable. Because the space had been caused when smoke ejector parts was installed, I filled in the space for use patty. (2007/03/03)

Turret rear rack of Centurion Mk5/1 AFV CLUB 1/35

The cloth mesh is used for a back rack, it seems real.  (2007/03/03)

Turret hatch of Centurion Mk5/1 AFV CLUB 1/35

All hatches were made a movable type by using a thin brass line. It is because the tank soldier might board on this tank later. Typing out the pin mark on the back of the hatch was all removed. Clear parts of this kit were too elastic and materials like the vinyl.  (2007/03/03)

Centurion Mk5/1 AFV CLUB 1/35

Molding the tool box of this kit is sculptured in detail. The cooling cavity of the barrel of the mount machine gun was opened by the drill and emphasized. Appearance was improved, wasn’t it?

assembly completed of Centurion Mk5/1

At last, it shaped. It will be necessary to renew the antenna, it is too thin and unsteadiness. After the glue mark on the surface is cleared away, I can do basic painting. The proportion is quite good-looking. It’s a violent image without side skirt.

assembly completed of Centurion Mk5/1 rear view

The Back of the tank is a little unlikely? Tanks had piled up the ammunition case of the machine gun, the jerrican etc. in the actual combat. Well, it will be good this time for practice of painting. By the way, a big box in the back is an extra armor of the fuel tank. Actually, I threw out one or two AFV club kits on the way though accomplishment in old times. It’s my first time completion of AFV Club kit.

canvas cover on the turret of Centurion Mk5/1

I expressed the canvas cover on the front side to contain the melting patty on the tissue. I wrinkled the canvas cover to shape. It seems to be real after painting.

power supply code of Centurion Mk5/1

I also added the power supply code that had come out from the back of the searchlight by the extending runner. I made antenna using the brass line of 0.2mm because there was no strength made by the extending runner. Parting lines of smoke discharger were highly visible, I have to remove them later…..

Base painting completed with olive drab Centurion Mk5/1

Base painting completed with olive drab. Taking a picture with too much light, but the model is actually darker. It’s my pleasure if you can see my finish work of Centurion Tank.  (2007/03/10)


At last, I completed Centurion tank. Because the image of the Vietnam war was a mud bath, I made the chassis exaggeratedly dirty weathering.

20-pound gun of Australian Centurion

A great 20-pound gun gives the massive image. The searchlight was installed in preparation for enemy’s (North Vietnamese army) night attack. Because this Centurion has the reserve fuel tank in the back, the total length is almost the same as Abrams.

Front face of Australian Centurion

I distorted a left fender a little. Washing technique easily leave spots on the surface of the armor and it is very difficult to clean. I suppose it’s a risky technique for me…. It might go well by controlling the timing of wiping off and the flow condition of paints.

Rear view of Centurion

Shot from back. Red fire extinguisher stands out, and I think it is a good accent. I airbrushed to look dirty the lower side of the body and the made the gradation mud and dust. I should have hung the wire rope down side more.

Rear view of Centurion Australian army first armor regiment C company in 1971.

Marking was in the kit, and it is the one of the Australian army first armor regiment C company in 1971. The mark of the left has been distorted. It’s hard to re-adjust after stucking by marksofter. The decal on the right was shattered when I dipped it in water. I managed to set them straight on the body, like solving puzzle.

mini drill to make many holes on the machine-gun barrel Centurion Mk5/1

I use the mini drill to make many holes on the machine-gun barrel for more detail up. I can’t close the commander’s hatch, which I made it movable because of the machine-gun interferes it. I forgot to remove the typing out pin marks on the machine-gun ammunition box.

pickaxe handle Centurion Mk5/1

I had painted the pickaxe handle and others in brown, after that I finished in clear mixed the orange. It’s a little shiny and I made it half gloss by brushing. I felt it’s difficult to make reality to paint wood parts. It’s not easy painting wood shafts after assembled.

canvas on turret of Centurion Mk5/1

I managed to make the canvas on turret made from the melting patty on the tissue. It began to melt easily when I did washing with the enamel thinner on the searchlight and the periscope of the driver’s seat made of transparent parts. The periscope cover has become notched. Perhaps, it might be a vinyl chloride material because it is softer than usual plastic parts. Because parts of the searchlight had become tattered, I flattened it and painted clear to fix.

Rear upper armor of Centurion Mk5/1

I misunderstood the parting lines on the exhaust muffler is the real line. When finishing it up, I noticed some parting lines remains on the body. I painted the shade on the back of the body because it’s monotonous.

dirt with washing and drybrushing Centurion Mk5/1

I made the chassis dirty with washing and drybrushing like mud. So I did not do metallic on the caterpillar.

shot of the turret to the left Centurion Mk5/1 Vietnam War

The shot of the turret to the left. I suppose that it has good atmosphere like a real tank, though I did not do the chipping.

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