Corsair F4U-1A U.S. Navy Carrier-Based Fighter Academy 1/48


F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 BOX PACKAGEIt is the Academy’s Corsair. I think the kit itself is old, but I bought it because of the beautiful decal of Cartograf. I have never made the F4U Corsair once in the past, what kind of feeling is it? I would like to build something perfectly model like a 1/32 scale of Tamiya.

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 MAKINGTemporarily assembled and checked variously. It seems I will advance without so much putty fix working.

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 MAKINGThis time I will change the mood and paint small parts as much as possible with an airbrush. I am thinking about the order of painting and assembly.

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 MAKINGNow I’m using the paint FS 34151, interior color of the aircraft, zinc chromate type I. Despite saying an efficient order, I forgot to paint inside the engine cowl. It’s not too much trouble, just wash the cup lightly and put the other color paint in. I currently have four airbrushes. Custom Micron 0.23 mm of Anest Iwata, and GSI Creos 0.5 mm, 0.3 mm, 0.2 mm. There is a risk that I forget to clean while leaving the paint if there are multiple pieces, I have to be careful. Later maintenance is troublesome when the paint hardens.

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 MAKING F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 MAKINGI wonder about the mounting parts of the Corsair’s drop tank, maybe the Academy’s manual is wrong. I installed it by the original judgment because it does not stick parallel to the fuselage as it is in the manual. Perhaps the Tamiya 1/32 scale seems like this, so I guess this is OK.

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 MAKINGAfter installing the cockpit parts of the rear panel, there was a gap on the ballistic board of the seat. I have to fill this indeed.

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 MAKINGJust stick the instrument panel decal and it will look better.

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 MAKINGAdditional seat belt work.

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 MAKINGIt is an easy task compared to the canopy masking of twin-engine German fighter which I built last time.

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 MAKINGI will work on the whole painting by doing masking work of various parts precisely. I like the way I paint the landing gear compartment later without masking, but which one is going to be efficient and beautiful finally?

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 PAINTINGIt was a bad fit with the main wing and the machine gun, the large step was made, so I fixed it with putty.

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 PAINTINGThis time, the color boundary line was finished cleanly. Overall, it will be painted separately with masking.

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 PAINTINGWell, the other day I bought the Steam’s game controller and wireless headset at Amazon, but the day was the sale once a year, I could hardly wait for the goods to arrive. It is unreasonable to wait for the shipment though the controller is not the sale item, the timing was a little bad. I think that it took soon to arrive if I order a little earlier. Mouse, keyboard, headset, and controller are all wireless so comfortable. Recently I’ve been playing games. Well, I feel like I do not need a controller to play STEINS; GATE…

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 PAINTINGI’m pasting decals and drying them. I want to proceed earlier, but I will clear the coat after drying it a little more. I don’t have trouble comes out later. I almost finished pasting the decals and maybe it’s completed in a little more.

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 FINISHED WORKThis Academy’s Corsair kit can be assembled by selecting 1A, 1C, 1D. There are differences such as 12.7mm machine gun or 20mm machine gun. This time I made a type equipped with a 1A 12.7mm machine gun. The right and a left total of 6 guns are quite powerful firepower.

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 FINISHED WORKThe bubble-type canopy with fewer window frames than the previous type is adopted, and a good view is secured.

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 FINISHED WORKThe marking is Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, VF-17 17th Fighter Squadron Jolly Rogers in February 1944. After that, it is a traditional marking that is handed over to the US Navy’s 61st Fighter Squadron (VF-61), 84th Fighter Squadron (VF-84), 103rd Squadron (VF-103).

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 FINISHED WORKThe kit seems to be a copy of Hasegawa in the 1980s, but I do not know well because I have never assembled Hasegawa’s kit. Overall, it is a bad part of the fitting. The fitting of the small parts attached to the main gull wing is not good. I suppose it is a pretty old mold kit, it’s hard to build. The color of the decal is very good so it matches the gloss finish paint.

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 FINISHED WORK F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 FINISHED WORKI can not see it unless I close my eyes too much, but painted the engine with chrome silver and black iron, and inking with black. I like the markings of the propeller unexpectedly fine.

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 FINISHED WORKThe painting was gloss finished. It may be about 75% gloss in some places.

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 FINISHED WORK F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 FINISHED WORKThe same kill score decals are attached with a pair, I pasted them under the left and right canopy. Is the kill mark usually drawn on the left and right? Even so, he is an ace pilot.

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 FINISHED WORK F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 FINISHED WORKThe bottom of the fuselage is FS35164 Intermediate Blue and FS17875 White two colors. There are orange, red and green lights.

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 FINISHED WORKIn the case of gloss finishing, I feel that it is enough to do weathering only inking. I did not do too much extra washing, clean finish up.

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 FINISHED WORKOverall, I used the WWII US Naval Aircraft standard color set of Mr. Color’s special color set. I think it is very difficult to make this myself. This aircraft is beautiful with a good 3 color balance of dark blue, light blue, and white on the underside. Hopefully, I can say it to other special color sets, I would like Creos to sell these colors separately retailing. I think it’s more user-friendly.

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 FINISHED WORK F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 FINISHED WORKIt seems the decal’s white is a little thin if it is a dark color, if I improve this, there is the only way to paint the nationality mark with the airbrush. There is a tiny gap in the printing seal of the nationality mark.

F4U-1A CORSAIR ACADEMY 1/48 FINISHED WORKThere is roughness when looking at the details, maybe I think whether the color tone is good and finished in a quite nice atmosphere. It would have been difficult to make these blue aircraft colors if I mixed the color myself, it was a correct answer using a set of Creos…


  1. I’ve been studying all of your Japanese fighters in great detail. They are all extraordinary! Congratulations. You can find me on Face book as “William Derek Updegraff” or you can reach me a I live outside Washington, D.C. The next time you are in town, I’d be honored to buy you lunch and tour with you any of our grand museums!
    Best regards,
    Derek Updegraff


      Thank you for your encouraging comments!! Maybe, did you read the article from the Udvar Hazy Center? That museum is truly amazing. If time permits, I wanted to take a couple of days watching slowly. I also make an airplane model from time to time so please come and see here again.

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