German Infantry Camouflage Uniform Tamiya 1/16


I tried making a slightly larger military figure than the one I usually make. It is finished in August 2015.

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 BOX PACKAGEI have been making 1/35 small military figures, so I tried this 1/16 German soldier for a change. Tamiya’s world figure series is well-suited to the exercise of figure painting, the price is reasonable.

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 MAKINGIt’s my first time to make such a big figure. My usual standard is 1/35, it’s a very different impression. Anyway, it seems interesting.

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 MAKINGThe backside likes hollowed out.

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 MAKINGNow it’s assembling, I cut out each part from a runner. There seems no problem with put together.

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 MAKINGI wonder when is the best timing of painting while assembly. I want to make up as much as possible. Oh, the earpick is nothing to do with the modeling.

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 MAKINGRoughly I completed this figure. I need to erase the parts joint line here and there later.

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 MAKINGI adjusted the submachine gun to be put straight along the eye direction. The most difficult work is a sub-machine gun and both hands holding. This is like the opening of the movie 007.

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 MAKINGIt’s approximately 4 times larger size paint area than 1/35 scale, the 3D volume is approximately 8 times?

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 PAINTINGI cut out the brass board for the strap of a sub-machine gun. After the surface is cleaned more, I’ll start painting.

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 PAINTINGThis figure’s surface does not dry at all even I have been waiting for a couple of days. Long waiting is a usual situation of oil painting, I forgot to mix siccative while painting uniform and helmet. I was painting while listening to the radio, slowly leisurely moving brush, and forgot the siccative.

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 PAINTINGSkin color was painted in oil on where the base with lacquer paint(Mr.color). Skin color was mixed of titanium white, yellow ocher, and burnt sienna, searching a suitable ratio for trial and error. I used siccative for flesh color and a small part, so I think dryness is faster. It glares overall, doesn’t it? The next step is camouflage painting, I’m feeling dizzy…

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 PAINTINGI used Tamiya Enamel Color for drawing camouflage dots, the first color is black-green. The oil and Tamiya Enamel, easily wiped off the paint in case of a mistake.  The Enamel is really earlier drying.

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 PAINTINGI drew the second color dot. After adding the other two color dots and painting the details, it is completed. I still have not drawn eyes at the last moment and now is the time to challenge, maybe it’s blue eyes.

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 FINISHED WORKNow I’m watching a German war drama “GENERATION WAR”, “UNSERE MÜTTER, UNSERE VÄTER” in Germany. It has passed for a while since it was released. I felt the story was very good, even I’m in the middle now. Almost all episodes are sad, probably the happy scenes are only the first 15 minutes. It’s a colorful and clean image. Because Germany made it, about the historical investigation of the military uniform, I think it is correct. All the performers are handsome and are beautiful women.

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 FINISHED WORKNot to mention a story, the reality of the weathering of the German military helmet remained in the impression very much. Interestingly, the reaction against the war of an older brother and younger brother changes extremely in the middle. Though I have yet watched only two-thirds, I think that this is a considerable masterpiece.

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 FINISHED WORKOutstanding weathering is given on a 1/1 scale, and the soldiers appearing in the “Generation War” are splendid. It wasn’t possible to make my model close to this reality, but I painted some colors for change mild gradation on the single color accessories such as a helmet and a gas mask case, shoes. A helmet soiled with rubble and mud raises the sense that he had fought it out.

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 FINISHED WORKHe is holding an MP40 submachine gun. The fitting of both hands was difficult. The belt buckle has a small mold, after drybrush it’s excellent.

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 FINISHED WORKThe face is a bigger part than the 1/35 scale, it is easy to paint. Because it is easy to show the details even if I look at distance same as 1/35, the painting is difficult. I should study it a little more. I describe his pupil and the borrowed light in his eyes, I was not able to describe it very well even on a 1/16 big scale. It’s also difficult using a double loupe. Maybe I should better buy a higher magnification tool. A brush never moves without sight.

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 FINISHED WORKThe accessories such as a helmet, I did weathering with the pastel. Because I hated coming off later, I sprayed a matte clear coat to fix the pastel.

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 FINISHED WORKI wonder about the gradation over the combat boots and the leggings made of canvas well.

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 FINISHED WORKBecause a face was the most important part of the figure, it was given priority to easy painting than assembling and should have thought about a production process. After assembling, it’s harder to paint the face than I had expected.

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 FINISHED WORKThe camouflage uniform contains a dot with many colors. I drew the light and shadow on the base color flat earth.

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 FINISHED WORKI took much time to finish up this figure. The big figure seems to have a lot of details that we must care about. I think the atmosphere of the general camouflage is nice. It became a chance to make a large-scale figure.
Next time, I would like to express more vitality and more completeness which is likely beginning to move.

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 FINISHED WORKI corrected his right eye because it’s a little large…

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 FINISHED WORKBecause it was hard to be able to see the whole face behind a machine gun, I had a shot from the bottom.

GERMAN INFANTRY TAMIYA 1/16 FINISHED WORKI painted the helmet weathering tone a little darker.


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