This was built from September to October 2007.

Box package of Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. J Dragon Models 1/35

This is III ausf J. This kit is named smart kit, there are not so many photo-photo-etched parts. Booklet is included and I felt Dragon Model’s passion for this kit.

suspension building of Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. J Dragon Models 1/35

Now I’m making underpart of the body and wheel suspension. All parting lines should not be removed because of some parts are behind the sight. There are some bulges on the side of the chassis. There was no comment on the instruction but if it remains, I could not fit the side fender on it so I remove all of them.

side fenders of Panzerkampfwagen III

This kit was modeled in detail to use photo-etched parts even it’s hardly visible area.

Using photo-etched parts for Panzerkampfwagen III

I presume it’s hard to assemble large parts of upper body but I could assemble precisely. This Dragon model kit is designed with high quality and easy assemble.

completed the all assemble Panzerkampfwagen III

I completed the all assemble process. I made it an additional armor type.

before painting of Panzerkampfwagen III

I’m going to paint after attaching antenna and tank crew in the commander hatch. Now I remember that I made Tamiya III L many years ago, but I could not satisfy myself for painting dark yellow, so this time I challenge the same color finish up.

German Tank crew head, resin head with putty work

I can not do the making because of a business trip to Korea.
This time I planed to use high quality resin head, but I have only the head with field cap M1943. After all, I choose garrison cap for this tank crew, I attached epoxy putty on the resin skin head. Too roughly attached, but I hope it’s better looking after painting.

Dark yellow base color Panzerkampfwagen III ausf. J

Completed basic color painting.

panzer crew fitting to tank cupola

I made him get on this tank. Parting line is highly visible on his glove, I amend it later…
He has a short neck, I shouldn’t cut it so short. But he is a hard-bitten soldier with 1st iron cross.

Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. J Dragon Models 1/35

This dragon’s kit was made easily, not had a hard time too much. It was changed to the long barrel of 60 calibers though J types were produced at first by 42 calibers. Having made it this time put the increase armor by 42 calibers.

Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. J Dragon Models 1/35 build and painting to finish

I used clear parts for the headlight. It was looking good. I drybrushed to shine the caterpillar this time cause it’s not so muddy condition.

18th armor division in 1942, this vehicle was disposed to the Eastern Front

Because it was a setting of the 18th armor division in 1942, this vehicle was disposed to the Eastern Front. Perhaps, it was near Orlovskaya. These 5cm 42 caliber guns seem to have hardship against T-34 of a Soviet army due to power shortage.

Rear view of Panzerkampfwagen III

I could choose to raise the fender.

resin head figure using German tank crew

I choose the resin head for this figure. The waist was large and didn’t enter the hatch of this kit well adjusted.

German tank crew build and painting to finish

I could not paint the skull mark well, next time it should be made shape from patty before painting.

division mark is a skull

The division mark is a skull.

Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. J turret

Because it was monochrome of dark yellow paint, I change the tone a little.

Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. J completed work of building and painting

It’s easy assemble and adjusting each part also almost perfect. Because III L type of Tamiya kit had been thrown away before, I’m satisfied with this kit completion.


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