Destroyer Kagero 1941 Imperial Japanese Navy Aoshima 1/700


It is my first battleship kit. I built it in November 2014.

DESTROYER KAGERO AOSHIMA 1/700 BOX PACKAGEI found “Random Japanese Warship Details” books, incidentally in the place where I dropped in at Tamiya plastic model factory Shimbashi store after a long absence. I wanted to make one naval ship model as expected. Because it was recommended on the internet that at first, the beginner should make one destroyer somehow, I bought this Kagero, the meaning of “a filament of air” in Japanese, without anything thinking, just taking the model from the top of the piles of many naval ships in a hobby shop.

RANDOM JAPANESE WARSHIP DETAILS No.1 and No.2They are “Random Japanese Warship Details” No.1 and No.2. There are many detailed commentary and illustrations and very interesting. As for the price, one book is 600 yen, it’s reasonably high-cost performance.

DESTROYER KAGERO AOSHIMA 1/700 MAKINGThere are a few and small parts. The top right corner parts are a common parts group of the waterline series, I do not see them all use armaments and airplanes for this ship.

DESTROYER KAGERO AOSHIMA 1/700 MAKINGMy only experience of a naval vessel is Nichimo’s 30cm series battleship Mutsu when I was in third grade. That Mutsu was not painted, I put grease to a screw box next to the motor gear and did a launching ceremony with my friends in a pond nearby. I put the ballast on the bottom of the ship first of all and jointed the upper and bottom.

DESTROYER KAGERO AOSHIMA 1/700 MAKINGThere seems to be the part that something like a rubber mat of the antislip called linoleum is spread on the warship, now I’m masking the brown linoleum area. As for the color, special color is sold by Creos, but probably it’s OK for mixing wood brown and dark reddish-brown.

DESTROYER KAGERO AOSHIMA 1/700 MAKINGExcept for the 3 main gun turrets, all parts are attached. The masking filled the area to cover little by a little while cutting tape to a scrap.

DESTROYER KAGERO AOSHIMA 1/700 MAKINGNow I’m thinking the side of the destroyer is very somewhat different from this box art picture, the model itself is too simple. If I feel it’s short, I give detail by myself. So, I decide to use the parts of a handrail, porthole, and rain cover for destroyers, use the photo-etched parts of Ocean Spirits.
What is this small one? There is only around 0.2mm in size? So small parts are rare with the tank model. There is not that I experienced only the etching of the bolt of the AFV Club kit.

DESTROYER KAGERO AOSHIMA 1/700 MAKINGRain-cover of the porthole, it’s too difficult for me. I was not able to adhere neatly. If it was 1/700, I think it’s no problem for drilling small holes and paint them black. I glued the fishing line as the IJN degaussing cable. I felt some improvements occurred, anyway…

DESTROYER KAGERO AOSHIMA 1/700 MAKINGI added handrails and a bow and stern pole. It’s a nice feeling.

DESTROYER KAGERO AOSHIMA 1/700 PAINTINGThe full length is around 17cm, the size of the Magic Marker. A size AA battery looks huge. I glanced at this picture and the middle of the mast detail is brilliant, but carefully watching, it’s a box picture!

DESTROYER KAGERO AOSHIMA 1/700 PAINTINGAssembly order is different from the ordinary shipbuilder, now I blew the ship bottom color. I should have painted it just after the joint of the upper and bottom.

DESTROYER KAGERO AOSHIMA 1/700 FINISHED WORKAccording to the instruction,
Commissioned: 6 November 1939,
Displacement: 2,033 long tons (2,066 t) standard
Length: 118.5 m (388 ft 9 in)
Beam: 10.8 m (35 ft 5 in)
Speed: 35.5 knots (40.9 mph; 65.7 km/h)
Complement: 239

• 6 × 12.7 cm/50 Type 3 DP guns
• 4 × Type 96 25 mm AA guns
• 8 × 24 in (610 mm) torpedo tubes
• 18 depth charges
• 2 x paravanes

DESTROYER KAGERO AOSHIMA 1/700 FINISHED WORKKagero was disabled by a naval mine in the Gulf of Kula Western Solomon Islands on May 8, 1943. Then she was attacked by Allied aircraft and sank southwest of Rendova.
Kagero participated in the Pearl Harbor attack, Rabaul capture operation, the Indian Ocean raid, the Battle of Midway, and the second Solomon sea-fight of the Guadalcanal area.

DESTROYER KAGERO AOSHIMA 1/700 FINISHED WORKIn the Battle of Tassafaronga, Lunga-bay torpedo night attack, sink U.S. heavy cruiser Northampton, serious damage three other U.S. heavy cruisers with other destroyers.

DESTROYER KAGERO AOSHIMA 1/700 FINISHED WORKThough I thought whether it was a wet decal flag of the Rising Sun, I waited around 15 minutes. It did not come off at all, I check the decal but it’s only this water transcription type and soaked it in water for around 15 minutes, I did not come off at all. It was only a stick-on decal…

DESTROYER KAGERO AOSHIMA 1/700 FINISHED WORKThe painting guide of Aoshima is not so kind. I painted such small parts, bridge windows, the cutters, the motor launch with reference from the box art.

DESTROYER KAGERO AOSHIMA 1/700 FINISHED WORKPossibly should I change the pole of the cutter (boat) appearing outside to inward? Aoshima’s instruction indicates them outside.

DESTROYER KAGERO AOSHIMA 1/700 FINISHED WORKI assembled it ordinary and added handrails and antenna lines. I did washing lightly and drew iron rust here and there.

DESTROYER KAGERO AOSHIMA 1/700 FINISHED WORKIt is a considerably small warship. The antenna lines are metal wires of 0.07mm in diameter. It’s my first time, so this model is a trial for lining the metal wire. Very interesting work. It became a very real-looking model…

DESTROYER KAGERO AOSHIMA 1/700 FINISHED WORKI didn’t know the attaching the way of after-mast even checked the instruction manual. One of the legs is short, so I judged to attach like this photo.

DESTROYER KAGERO AOSHIMA 1/700 FINISHED WORKIt is my ship model of the memorable first. After a great deal of puzzling for assembling, I like it very much. A destroyer is small but a hard worker. Warship model making is so interesting, the next one will be size up a little, I will probably make a light cruiser.


  1. Jon says:

    Your Destroyer Kagero is awesome! I have one ordered from Japan. I hope one day to go to Tamiya in Shizuoka one day.


      Hello. Thank you for your comment. I am glad to hear that you ordered a ship model. Recently the parts are fine so I hope you can make a model with good finish!!

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