This is the Trumpeter’s KV-1. Built in 3/2007.

KV-1 Trumpeter 1/35 box package

This time, I want to make a strong tank, and chose KV-1. This tank afflicted German army in the first half of the Barbarossa operation.

chassis building of KV-1 Trumpeter 1/35

Making of the chassis and the body. The structure around the foot is easy to assemble, and other parts are also excellent. I have bonded the hatch in the engine room and the driver’s seat. I want to make movable the turret hatch at least.

Comparing belt and plastic caterpillar of KV-1

Two kinds of the caterpillar, a belt type and a partial connected type, were attached to this kit. The partial connected type seems to be good in an unusual method. Belt type has also enough mold and it looks easier to assemble.

partial connected caterpillar of KV-1 Trumpeter

I chose a partial connected caterpillar. It is easy to assemble this caterpillar without bonding the back wheel with teeth for delicate adjusting before fixing the final position. It is a good atmosphere with the slack of caterpillar.

Building of KV-1 Trumpeter

As for the copper wire of the kit attachment, I can put shape easily. I opened the machine-gun muzzle with the design knife. The back of the body, there is a gap so I puttied it. A back light was masked before painting. On the turret, I marked hit damage some places. A German army had fought hard because of KV-1’s thick armor. Turret hatch was made a movable type to use brass wire.

assemble completed of KV-1 Trumpeter

Powerful impression of KV-1, assemble completed. There are a few parts and simple, I could assemble it fast and very easy.

Dark green basic painting of of KV-1 Trumpeter

Basic painting completed. I painted to change the color tone a little because it is a monotone tank. I felt the wire painting was difficult.

Mud bath situation of KV-1 making with putty

I expressed mud bath situation, and dabbed on the wall repair material on the chassis of KV-1. It was necessary to put it before painting.

Mud bath situation rear view of KV-1 making with putty

After all, because of wall repair material was not bonded firmly, I blended the plastic putty together. I thought it’s better to use the bond for woodwork. The mud of the putty after the basic paint was a strange atmosphere.

Completed work of KV-1 Trumpeter scale 1/35

At last, KV-1 was completed. I did the weathering to make muddy mainly on the chassis. Back of the hatch white is a good accent from this angle.

caterpillar made dirty with the putty KV-1 Trumpeter scale 1/35

The caterpillar made dirty with the putty and the part where there’s mud are without drybrushing with the gun metal. I would like to show the image of the brave man of the battle putting up the battle damages of cannonballs.

Rear view of muddy KV-1

Photograph from back. There are rust on the caterpillar and a part where rust I painted with metal shines. Because the taillight painted in red became an accent in the back, I keep it without mud.

Left side of KV-1 Trumpeter

The decal did not stand out too much shine clear part, and pasted well on the surface. I might do dry brushing to the trank rollers with metallic color.

Turret and decals of KV-1 Trumpeter

I assembled the hatch movable but after that it’s broken. I finished fixing it opened. Back of the hatch was not pure-white, and a little dirty. The turret side weathering was feeling of moist dirt.

Rear upper armor and rear turret machine-gun of KV-1 Trumpeter

I finished up the muffler in the rusted situation. The wire rope and nearby area, I painted rust. It is a natural bright color, I suppose. The wire net was painted in the black and after that dry-brushed by the light tone.

Right side of the turret KV-1 slogan

The surface became a little dirty because I painted with the brush again after spraying the matte coat. I think that it was good to be able to do random in parts light and shade.

Dry mud on the rollers of KV-1 Trumpeter

At first, when I finished it, the chassis seems to be dry mud though I scheduled to make it to a little damp mud. The Atmosphere was drastically changed which color I choose.

Washing effect on front armor of KV-1

This time, washing, dry-brushing and tipping expression was not matched totally. The tool on the right side might be a saw. No instruction about the painting of the saw handle, I painted it in brown and made dry-brushing on the clamp in metallic silver.

Front face of KV-1, headlight is nice

Only the headlight shines, although all of the body is muddy. It looks cool that the headlight shines very much though it might be unnatural. Should I not do the weathering with a too different tone under the body? First of all, from this angle looking is powerful.

KV-1 TYPE 1941 Small TurretKV-1 TYPE 1941 Small Turret TrumpeterKV-1 Small Turret Trumpeter build and painting to finishmuddy KV-1 Trumpeter build and painting to finishKV-1 rear panelmuddy KV-1 Trumpeter slogan turret build and paintingKV-1 front armor Trumpeter build and paintingupper view of Soviet heavy tank KV-1 Type 1941 small turret type Trumpeter 1/35 build and painting to finish.Soviet heavy tank KV-1 Type 1941 small turret type Trumpeter 1/35 build and painting to finish.

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