KV-2 Soviet Heavy Tank Trumpeter 1/35


It is a standard KV-2. I built it in December 2014.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 BOX PACKAGENow I’m making a Russian Heavy tank KV-2. I had made a German captured version of KV-2 but never have it. It’s a good chance of adding this tank to my finish-up list.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKINGI made the KV series many times and was able to assemble it without seeing the instruction manual about the chassis. Very speedy works.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKINGThis gun barrel’s hole is not centered, I need to adjust it later.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKINGEasy assembling, (though took a couple of days). I attached toolboxes more than the instruction, 3 right sides and 3 left sides, and shorten the metal wires a little.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKINGKV’s partial consolidation caterpillar tracks are excellent even its older kit. I recommend you to choose this, not belts caterpillar which also included in this box.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKINGI tried to use Tamiya light-curing putty for 3-dimensional mud expression.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKINGRear, also sticking putty.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKING RUSSIAN TANK CREWBefore painting, I took a shot from the other side for memory.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKING RUSSIAN TANK CREWI added two figures from the Tristar Russian tank crew set. I adjust the gap between the body and arms to use some putty.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKING RUSSIAN TANK CREWSo many relaxing poses holding cigarettes, the right side also holding it but I have not yet prepared it.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKING RUSSIAN TANK CREWBack shot. This Russian tank crew helmet is a nice mold and shape.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 MAKING RUSSIAN TANK CREWThis Tristar Russian Tank Crew set is a nice figure but old. Maybe it’s difficult to buy from a hobby shop. I want these nice sets to be available for a long time, though the volume is a few.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 PAINTINGThis tank has so many large flat surfaces so I changed 3 colors random painting. Russian green first half of WWII color is lighter than later WWII, but we can choose it by feeling. The only light green color feels not so strong and like a grasshopper.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 PAINTINGI added the red star on the left corner for the accent. “За Сталина! ” is the meaning of “for Stalin!!”, I suppose.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKHere’s the KV-2 completed. While working, this tank’s basic color is lighter but now subdued.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKBecause the main armament is 152mm howitzer, there was not an armor-piercing power, but would be awful destructive power against fortress and pillboxes.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKWashing repeatedly and the plain surfaces are changed. Too much use of rust color is something artificial though catchy eye points.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKKV-2 weight is 52t. It was awfully heavy and was able to make only 15km/h on the non-leveling of ground running. It might be careful about the weak ground almost as same as German tanks.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKMany welding lines and big rivets are used and these are made an impression of burliness. It is not detailed like German tanks which is one of the appeal points of Russian tanks.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKMy most favorite point of the KV series is a wide and heavy caterpillar. I have dry brushing and made shine, attracted attention. I shaded off the side of the chassis in various ways not to become monotonous.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKHeadlight clear parts are excellent for this KV series kit. I hope all of the other tank kit headlight parts are the same as this quality.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKThe tank crew is out of the hatch. He is looking left side.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKAnother tank crew. I can paint the injection figure’s face not so bad these days. This guy looks like western people…

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKTank crew’s blue coverall is a good accent on this green tank. I think having rust on the wires first, but other many areas are already rusty and it’s enough.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKI attached dimensional mud to use putty. In recent days, I think it’s not a diorama so no need for too much effect of weathering all the time.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKThere were two marks on the side of this turret which is some kind of hooks but it’s not suitable for this kit and removed all. I should have done it earlier, before the painting process…

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKThese photos are taken based on ISO 400 for a try. But noises are many, I suppose. The ISO 200 setting is better. Anyway, I need to research, try, and error.

KV-2 TRUMPETER 1/35 FINISHED WORKKV-2 is a simple shape and has a very nice presence. I made many KV series, fully enjoyed myself.


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