It is a Paladin self-propelled artillery built from November to December 2008. It’s my first Italeri kit.

Box package of M109A6 Paladin Italeri 1/35

This is the M109 A6 Paladin of Italeri kit. Since the release was about eight years ago, the detail might be slack.

jointed many large-scale parts, M109A6 Paladin Italeri 1/35

I jointed many large-scale parts from the beginning.

rubber caterpillar of M109A6 Paladin Italeri 1/35

I looked for connecting caterpillar of AFV club. But at this time, it’s not on the market and gave up buying it. I put the hollow with the soldering iron because it was not a satisfactory detailed caterpillar connection part on the side of a rubber caterpillar. How about the result though it is a rough way?

Cut six umbones on the front of the body, M109A6 Paladin

Cut six umbones on the front of the body. Because it was a smooth one plate in the real tank photograph.

Making of M109A6 Paladin Italeri 1/35

Now smoothing the front side. 39 caliber 155mm howitzer cannon parts are large size.

building M109A6 Paladin Italeri 1/35

It is the movable part that the prop-like parts at the back of the body while the firing.

side rack of M109A6 Paladin

I fitted easily to cut out the net of the side rack from the paper pattern.

Assembling was completed, M109A6 Paladin

Assembling was completed. Trying to loosen with bundled caterpillar was difficult with plastic adhesive and instant adhesive.

the caterpillar was forced the tension by downward, M109A6

After all, the caterpillar was forced the tension by downward in the 0.8mm brass line and showed them as having loosened. This is stronger for it is fixed from the inside. It’s unremarkable to paint in mat black. However, 155mm howitzer cannon is the powerful symbol!

loaded many accessories, M109A6

I loaded many accessories from Tamiya Allied vehicles accessory set. It is Alice pack, sleeping bag, tent and duffle bag, sheet etc.

Completed work of M109A6 Paladin Italeri 1/35

Ordered Dragon model’s US tank crew set to oversea hobby shop. I suppose it takes quite a long time to get it. Sometime after 2 months.

the combat ration on the turret of M109A6

I piled up the carton of the combat ration from the above-mentioned kit of Tamiya. According to the explanation of Tamiya, 12 meals for 1 carton, there are 24 kinds of menu. I hear that it is also for the vegetarian and was able to take a warm meal at any time with the chemical reaction heater.
It is a greater meal than my overtime work food!!

Sand body color of Iraq War, M109A6 Paladin

Basic painting in a Sand body color of Iraq War.

very old Tamiya’s figure, US tank crew

After all, I could not wait for the arrival of an overseas mail order, I bought “Infantryman and accessories part set” for collaboration with ICM. This kit main parts is ICM but I took very old Tamiya’s figure.

M109A6 Paladin Italeri 1/35 build and painting to finish

Paladin has the M284 39 caliber 155mm howitzer cannon and the chassis is the latest vehicle of the M109 series. The accuracy of the impact area has been improved with GPS equipment. The maximum firing range is as much as 45km to use special ammunition and the normal range is 30km.

barrel was painted black, M109A6 Paladin

While net surfing, I found a vehicle where a part of the barrel was painted black. It looks very nice and I referred it.

washing and pastel to erase monotony of the body

I did the washing and pastel to erase monotony of the body color as much as possible.

Skids is attached behind, M109

Skids is attached behind, it’s placed while bombardment.

the painting area is wide, M109

Since M109A6 has a big turret as equal to the under body, the painting area is wide. By the way, the crew of this AFV is four people.

Three antennas are good accent, M109

Three antennas are good accent. I used the 0.3mm brass line for thinking about strength. The wireless is indispensable to fight in the present age.

painted Tamiya figure, US tank crew in Gulf War

This time I painted Tamiya figure, usually I paint high quality resin heads. It is a stern expression.

Weathering caterpillar of M109A6 Paladin

This kind of shape polyester tank is for water and instruction indicates to paint black. But for a change, some of them I painted in sand color. I had a mistake, it’s polyester tank, but I put the chipping rust on it.

desert camouflage uniform pattern, US tank crew

This desert camouflage uniform pattern is considerably difficult. It is necessary to draw the black in three colors of a brown similar color and the white mottle, there are a lot of processes.

Pile of combat ration carton

Pile of combat ration carton and vehicle equipment.

three rods in red and white color, M109A6

I thought the three rods in red and white color may be unexpectedly good impact. It’s like a construction area tool.

M109A6 Paladin Italeri 1/35 finished work

To tell the truth, the painting of the desert specification is difficult. I think that it is difficult to adjust the adjustment of Weathering.
I enjoyed and felt refreshing to make active AFV. You can see the size in this model comparing the crew size. It’s first work in 2009 and I felt satisfied with it.


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