Marder III Pak(R) German Tank Destroyer Tamiya 1/35


The 67th Tamiya Pachi Contest “Bronze Prize”. I built this in August 2007.

MARDER III TAMIYA 1/35 BOX PACKAGEIt is Tamiya Marder III. It is a winter camouflage on the kit package, but this time I’ll challenge for North African taste painting, cause last time I did winter camouflage.

MARDER III TAMIYA 1/35 MODELKASTEN TRACKS 38(t)I used Modelkasten high-quality caterpillar. The middle of the photo is the finished one, in front of that is underworking.

MARDER III TAMIYA 1/35 MODELKASTEN TRACKS 38(t)Easy to set up natural slack and excellent!! Molding is also fine. I could express the realism of the caterpillar along with the trank roller even if it’s a light tank. It is effective, though the price is also high. A usual installation is a too much expense anyway it’s effective.

MARDER III TAMIYA 1/35 MODELKASTEN TRACKS 38(t)The most lower body is completed. The hooks of the cleaning rod are another kit’s etching parts. The hooks of the shovel were Abel etching. However, we cannot see the inner area.

MARDER III TAMIYA 1/35 MAKINGI change the spare caterpillar parts to Modelkasten and detailed molds were increased. I opened the muzzle of the machine gun with the design knife.

MARDER III TAMIYA 1/35 MAKINGPhoto shot before painting. At first, I would like to paint caterpillars separately, but it will not be easy to assemble by interfering with the body and caterpillar with each other so I had joined them all. Therefore, the painting process was not changed between not movable and movable caterpillar.

MARDER III TAMIYA 1/35 PAINTINGI just blew German Gray. There were many remaining unpainted areas, but next time I’ll paint dark yellow so there’s no problem.

MARDER III TAMIYA 1/35 PAINTINGRemaining German Gray area and I blew dark yellow over the body.

MARDER III TAMIYA 1/35 PAINTINGI had better not to spray too thick dark yellow. However, it is the simplest one because I didn’t pile up the OVMs at all and no figure, just did practice painting.

MARDER III TAMIYA 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOMarder III is antitank self-propelled artillery from which designed to attach importance to the defeating power in the emergency. Because German tanks encountered strong Soviet Army tanks in the first stage of Operation Barbarossa, it was necessary to develop such a vehicle.
I got a bronze prize in the 67th Tamiya Pach! Contest. It might be obtained a good impression by the angle of sending a photograph. I was very glad to get the prize cause it was my first participating in this kind of contest.

MARDER III TAMIYA 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOI wonder which front line this 7.62cm antitank cannon was captured from the Soviet army. By the way, the lower body was almost the same as 38t that Czechoslovakia developed. It seems to shake quite when fired.

MARDER III TAMIYA 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOThis time, I painted this tank in the situation of the North African front. After the German gray painting, I sprayed dark yellow, etc. Afterward, I expressed dusty weathering colored buff, gray, sand, brown, etc. with the enamel and pastel. The traveling lock seems to be curved.
Is it battle damage? I suppose I have thrown it somewhere.

MARDER III TAMIYA 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOIt may be better for the gray area much more.

MARDER III TAMIYA 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOThis time, the Tamiya kit includes belt type caterpillar, but the mold is not enough to contest and I choose the Modelkasten caterpillar. Reality is improved by these parts. Assembly was not so bothersome.

MARDER III TAMIYA 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOHowever, it is a dusty painting….. The chipping was very time-consuming working. You might decide one day for one side to work.

MARDER III TAMIYA 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOBecause the attached figure was uniform of the Eastern Front, I skipped making figures. I had forgotten to erase the parting line at the center of the artillery. It was necessary to erase obviously now that I saw the real tank photograph.
I have forgotten because I want to paint early and I was in a hurry. The barrels have inclined at the left, but I don’t know why…

MARDER III TAMIYA 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOThe shovel and the cleaning rod clamp were photo-etched parts. Surroundings of the shovel’s detail may be able to omit to cause not easily visible inside.

MARDER III TAMIYA 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOI think that I could finish quite a good painting, though it is appropriate for North Africa. Modelkasten caterpillar was good-looking. If I can comment on the real tank, the crew might have been having a hard time because the cover and equipment were poor.


  1. Alejandro says:

    Beautiful finish! Congratulations! I’m starting this one soon…

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