Merkava Mk. IV Israeli Main Battle Tank Academy 1/35


I made the Academy’s Merkava in March 2015, additional work such as surface anti-slip.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 BOX PACKAGEI watched “American Sniper” with my wife today in the cinema complex near my house. The combat scene was extremely real, and armored cars are running around Iraqi city corners lively. Maybe I was inspired by this movie, I would like to make a modern tank and picked up this Academy’s Merkava Mk.IV from my stockpile. Probably this kit is already out of stock now.
Oh, I decided to put the making-in-process kits aside today. I have also Hobby Boss Merkava Mk.III and if there’s a time in the future, I’ll make it, too.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 MAKINGRegarding suspensions, almost covered under the wheels and side armor, I think it’s no need to filing parting lines and filling the dent of plastic injection marks so nervously.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 MAKINGThe partial connection of the caterpillar tread seems very nice. I like better than the belt caterpillar personally.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 MAKINGCompare to German Ausf. IV type tank, Merkava is a very large tank.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 MAKINGI glanced at the instruction 1st page and there’s something about photo-etched parts that I have already attached the plastic parts!!
It seems no problem at all but the etching is more detailed, so I tried to change them.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 MAKINGUmmm, maybe this etching is better. I needed to be careful that this etching part is the very fragile thin plates.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 MAKINGLike pop-up from an SF movie form, it’s one of the characteristics of the Merkava tank. I have a feeling the chain curtain photo-etched parts are hard handling.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 MAKINGThere are more parts of the gun turret than the body and takes much time. 120mm smoothbore, 12.7mm machine gun, 7.62mm machine gun turned to the front.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 MAKINGThe instruction manual indicates the caterpillar attachment in the last stage, but I suppose it’s better before side armor onto the upper body.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 MAKINGSo there will be few troubles which I attached body armor, wire ropes, and rubber fenders at the same time for a whole adjustment each other.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 MAKINGI scraped off the hemisphere parts from runner one by one and making the round ball of the chains curtain. At first, it’s difficult, but after a couple of trials, I’m used to doing this work. Please be careful, don’t hurt yourself.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 MAKINGIt is the chain skirt that I attached neatly with much effort, but the rear body top surface interferes with it when I attach a gun turret to a chassis and turn round. I bend the chain diagonally for a while and keep it off and should be adjusted for the last time after the painting is completed. These chains are easily broken when I bent them many times. I should be so careful.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 MAKINGThere had been a gap to fill the putty. Probably these backsides were almost covered by the huge turret and not in my eyesight.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 MAKINGThere’s no mold on the antislip surface on the body and turret uppers. I used this Tamiya Diorama Texture Paint of powder snow. It’s fixed on the body after dried and not moved the dust even I blew breathing strongly over them. It’s a moderately textured surface, I’m still not sure after painting. The whole impression was drastically changed so I can say it’s risky to work.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 MAKINGAcademy’s instruction advised me to make the canvas sheet from tissue paper but I used the lead sheet for fishing. It’s easier to stick decals.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 MAKINGI attached the plastic mesh of the grenade guard, which was covered in an exhaust opening on the side. I used a black marker to locate the position, after using glue and a dirty mesh net.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 MAKINGMerkava turret has many antenna connectors. All poled is too noisy so I attached 4 antenna rods. On both sides of the front, there are 2 connectors and I attached two short rods.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 MAKINGChain curtain and side armor were a little hitting if rotating so the turret angle was still kept like this photo.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 MAKINGI’m worried because it’s my first Academy kit but the instruction was easy to understand, all the parts joint is quite good. Assembly was very smooth and enjoyable. It’s like the finish-up comment, but the next step is painting.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 PAINTINGBlowing surfacer, and shadow along the panel lines.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 PAINTINGThe Merkava seems to be greenish a little more than the Super Sherman which I made before as I look at real vehicle photographs. The Super Sherman was painted similar to dark yellow, not mixed green colors. There’s Academy’s recipe that 70% of Mr.Color #60 RLM02 gray and 30% of #340 field green FS34097. Furthermore, I mixed orange with some adjustments. I’m thinking after brownish washing makes more natural and complex color gradation. It’s becoming cool.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 PAINTINGI attached decals, this quality was not so bad. But the white gun barrel markings are pale, so the tone is changed the crossing point and the other area. I need to re-touch by brush later.
Now I’m reading a book on Naval General Staff interviews of the Imperial Japanese Navy, I’m eager to make battleships again.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 PAINTINGPainting of the periscope and glass area, after coating matte black I used Mr.Crystal Color Turquoise Green but this one is too glitzy. I coated clear green on them, but it’s not good to finish, like an aquarium with algae blooms and can’t see inside.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 PAINTINGHahaha, it’s a drastic remedy. I don’t have hologram film in my hand now so I peeled off the CD recording part cut out for them. It’s gleaming to catch the light from some angles. At least better than the above scheme. I thought to try coating with clear blue for a moment, though this time I left the film without concealment.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 FINISHED WORKMerkava series is the high-profile tank of the current Israeli army. Starting from Merkava Mk. I that started the operation in 1979, they have been developed continuously research.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 FINISHED WORKIn the development of Mk. I, it has been developed based on the number of combat experiences of up to the fourth Middle East War, and they are also experienced in several operations such as Beirut military invasion until the development of Mk. IV.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 FINISHED WORKThe turret was larger than the former Mk.III, and attached removable modular armor from the Merkava Mark IIID which can be performed in a short time to recover after damage.
When I made this kit l I felt this vehicle height is very tall. The height of the Merkava is 2.6m and the Japanese main battle tank Type 10 is 2.3m.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 FINISHED WORKDecals on the canvas, because the canvas width is too narrow to attach decals, I cut the part of the decal and changed the vehicle number. Adhesion was perfect because before pasted I blew clear on the canvas.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 FINISHED WORKIt is a chain and ball hanging from the edge of the turret, its so-called chain curtain that protects from mobile anti-tank weapons such as an RPG. I painted in black and blew the dust, occasional rust washing.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 FINISHED WORKThe characteristic of Merkava, the engine is disposed at the front of the vehicle and has achieved an occupant survival rate when struck from the front. Excellent tank soldiers need to survive. Soldier’s quality and experiences affect drastically the change in combat skills of troops.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 FINISHED WORK120mm Smoothbore has been adopted in many current main battle tanks. Penetration is various by a shell, I wonder it’s around 1000mm.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 FINISHED WORKWindows, such as periscopes look good they shine. Someone thinks too glaring, it’s one of the effects of modeling.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 FINISHED WORKThis chain curtain grides on the body, I can’t round the turret frequently.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 FINISHED WORKI drew contrasts to the basic color Sinai gray that was mixed myself, I had a dry brush for highlight on the rivets and antislip patterns.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 FINISHED WORKIn the Academy’s instruction, three white bands are from the front from the right side, but these white bands are from the stump in the graphic from the left. I wonder which is the correct, in the end as the photo I choose.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 FINISHED WORKBecause Israel is a dry climate, rather than put a lot of mud, more dusty paint would be feeling better. I mixed the pastel dust in the enamel thinner and clear and flat base, or mixed pastel in water-based paint thinner, for avoiding peeling off the dust easily when I touched this model.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 FINISHED WORKI thought whether the short antenna is attached to the front, it seems pole for the vehicle width confirmation. These poles were broken many times in my work, I should have attached them at the very end process.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 FINISHED WORKYou can recognize the turret shape and vehicle largeness from above.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 FINISHED WORKMy wife who does not know the military said it’s like a crab shell. I think so, too.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 FINISHED WORKIn some photographs, the antenna was leaned by another wire, my using a 0.3mm metal line is too hard, maybe 0.2mm brass wire can be shaped that position.

MERKAVA MK.IV ACADEMY 1/35 FINISHED WORKNow there are many companies that released Merkava various kits and I cannot compare cause I have only one completed. I did not feel the stress from making, easily understandable instruction.  And it’s also important to factor the price is friendly and reasonable. There are exaggerated expressions in this work, but I like it.


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