I Started to Keep a Cat / Munchkin Super Short Leg / Male 3 Months


MUNCHKIN SUPER SHORT LEG MALE 3 MONTHS I started to keep a cat yesterday. He is a boy with a very short footed Munchkin. For the past one and a half months, I went around several pet shops, asked a breeder a few times, and applied for a rescued cat.
At first, I was surprised to visit a very unsanitary pet shop. As a result of various reviews, I was able to receive cute kittens from a very good shop. As a shame, in Japan, the laws concerning pets have been delayed, and there are no strict penalties for trading in poor environments.

MUNCHKIN SUPER SHORT LEG MALE 3 MONTHS MUNCHKIN SUPER SHORT LEG MALE 3 MONTHS Kittens may be nervous on the first day and crouched in the corner, so I was said that it would be better not to touch or stare too much and to interfere. So I was going to do that too, but from the day he got to my house, running around the room and was adventurous everywhere, so I was worried. When I was looking for a fine cat tool with a PC, he is playing with a PC keyboard and mouse, more friendly than I thought. Maybe he was excited and I wanted him to go to bed quickly.

MUNCHKIN SUPER SHORT LEG MALE 3 MONTHS Well, it is the name of a commonplace, we call him “Chai”. It is short and easy to call, it will be easy for Chai to understand.

MUNCHKIN SUPER SHORT LEG MALE 3 MONTHSWhen I’m sitting, he gets on my thighs and sleep.
I have a rabbit for 11 years. I don’t know that rabbits and cats can do it well, so I let the rabbits go to my room and at the beginning not to meet too much. Chai climbed through a rabbit circle about 50 cm high and climbed over it, and when she broke into the circle, she was vicious. I was really surprised when the cat broke into the circle. Fortunately, there was no accident. The cat tried to eat rabbit pellets, I rushed him out.
I thought a kitten would be hungry, I rushed to prepare the food. Solid nutritious food is being soaked and half degumming putty was mixed.
I was not accustomed to the photos of a fast-moving kitten and I was not able to take them very well. I want to study a little more.


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