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MUNCHKIN MY CAT GETS INTO BED My cat is relaxing inside the window on the veranda side. He is stretching after going to bed.

MUNCHKIN MY CAT GETS INTO BEDIt seems that cats may jump over the fence when taking out on the veranda. Insects are flying, chasing birds in the distance, jumping without thinking about height. A long time ago, a famous Japanese actor jumped from the height of over the 10th floor and was seriously injured. Because the falling speed accelerates, the cat may die even from about the fifth floor.
I was surprised when I watched the video of the cat on the veranda after unlocking the aluminum sash by himself. The partition with the room of the rabbit in my house is only a sliding door and there is no stopper, I want the rabbit and the cat to get along well.

MUNCHKIN MY CAT GETS INTO BEDLittle by little every day, I meet a rabbit Caesar and a cat. It looks like they are not hostile to each other so far. Munchkin Chai does not seem to have any hunting instincts, but I’m still worried.

MUNCHKIN MY CAT GETS INTO BEDAt present, the soft food of Royal Canaan is mixed in a soaked solid food. Good appetite. Even after I changed the Nekoichi bowls which is the eating position higher, Chai eats food very fast.

MUNCHKIN MY CAT GETS INTO BED MUNCHKIN MY CAT GETS INTO BEDHe is playing with the packing material of home delivery.

MUNCHKIN MY CAT GETS INTO BEDIt has been cold for several days, so the cat’s living room has been heating up, but he has come into the double bed where we are sleeping. At first, I thought it would be impossible to sleep in bed with a cat. The hair comes off and peeing and making it noisy. But well, let’s make it a cat’s favorite for a while. Even if I get stuck while sleeping, I will ignore the attack. Even if my cat is playing near my face while I’m sleeping, I’m ignored.
It seems that he noticed the good thermal insulation performance of the duvet. I don’t know if it’s because it’s a bed with our smell or it’s warm, but in the afternoon there are days when the cat takes a nap with a duvet very long time. This relaxed attitude even though he hasn’t been here for a week.

A photo was taken by my wife. No matter where I am, he will be like this.

MUNCHKIN MY CAT GETS INTO BEDThis is also a photo my wife took. My wife’s iPhone is better than my digital single-lens reflex camera?


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