I Started to Keep a Cat / Munchkin / Skin Problems


MUNCHKIN SKIN PROBLEMS Well, this blog is like a personal diary, so if it has been personally changed due to cats, I write it as a memo. I might not feel like making a model for a while.
For the time being, the solid food for cats I chose is Royal Canin for up to 12 months kitten. This is about one month’s food. At present, our Munchkin has a strong appetite.

MUNCHKIN SKIN PROBLEMS This kitten, Munchkin Chai, had skin problems on his nose and ears before he came here. He is still in treatment. I think it’s probably recovering, but it seems that hair is gradually growing in places where the hair was peeling off.

MUNCHKIN SKIN PROBLEMS MUNCHKIN SKIN PROBLEMS Every day I apply medicine to the affected area once a day. Hope that it is not getting worse, skin disease takes time to heal.
The ears are lightly wiped with cleaning liquid several times a week. There are a lot of things to keep a cat.


MUNCHKIN SKIN PROBLEMS MUNCHKIN SKIN PROBLEMS MUNCHKIN SKIN PROBLEMS He sleeps defenselessly. The thigh of the body temperature is slightly warmer than a blanket, so comfortable?

MUNCHKIN SKIN PROBLEMS The black nose seems to contain some dirt. However, since the skin is rough, apply the medicine continuously. It is disliked by the cat.

MUNCHKIN SKIN PROBLEMS When I wiped my kitten nose gently with a water-wet tissue, Cats wash their face so I think it’s okay to leave clean, there seem to be some dirt spots. If I notice eye mucus, I have to take them. If the kitten sleeps like that for a day, it would become dirty with eye mucus.

MUNCHKIN SKIN PROBLEMSEverything seems to be a toy. He has grown much bigger than a week ago. When this kitten came to my house, it was 1.2 kg, and now 1.4 kg. Because it is a human body scale, there is an error when rounding a number, but it is surely bigger.


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