I Started to Keep a Cat / Munchkin / I Bought a Cat Tower


MUNCHKIN I BOUGHT CAT TOWER I thought that the Munchkin had a short leg and the jumping ability was low, he has much jump power and high exercise capacity. I bought a cat tower. I chose the one with a height of 156 cm with a hammock and rope and tunnel, the manufacturer is MWPO and bought it at Amazon. Maybe it’s made in China. There are many parts. Chai has been playing with parts before assembling.

MUNCHKIN I BOUGHT CAT TOWER My wife is playing with the cat and I am at the start of assembly.

MUNCHKIN I BOUGHT CAT TOWER I was wondering if a cat might enter the tunnel, surprisingly the cat seems to like the tunnel.

MUNCHKIN I BOUGHT CAT TOWER The entire weight is 17kg and quite heavy when you move it after assembling it completely, so it is assembled little by little at the place to be installed first.

MUNCHKIN I BOUGHT CAT TOWER This is a set-up photo. He climbed to here by a cat toy.

MUNCHKIN I BOUGHT CAT TOWER Until now, Chai was trying to get into the rabbit cage, and sometimes he was relaxing in it. If Chai likes this cat tower, he will be relaxing here.

MUNCHKIN I BOUGHT CAT TOWER The cat tower is completed. It took less than an hour and there were no major difficulties. Since I have a hobby in model making, I did not feel any difficulty with such assembly work. People who are not usually involved in this task will take some more time. However, I think that there is not so much difficulty because the guide showed access to the animation of the assembly video. The assembly can be completed with one supplied hex wrench, and some spare bolts were included.

MUNCHKIN I BOUGHT CAT TOWERIt is the first time to keep a cat, and I do not know the good and bad points of the cat tower, but this volume can be purchased for about USD70.00, and it is assembled normally, and there is probably no problem with safety. It will be a bargain if my cat Munchkin Chai likes it.


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