I Started to Keep a Cat / Munchkin / Castration Operation


MUNCHKIN, CASTRATION OPERATION Concerning castration surgery, this kitten is now 5 months old, the surgery is possible because the testicles have grown enough. I had a detailed meeting with the veterinarian about the operation and had my cat have a blood test a week ago. Because there was no abnormality, the operation was done according to the schedule. The castration itself was very simple and I was more concerned about general anesthesia. However, there is rarely trouble. I had him a little haircut on his belly with mycosis treatment.

MUNCHKIN, CASTRATION OPERATION The veterinarian was holding the button in the middle of Elizabeth’s collar, but I got embarrassed because the collar came off on my way home. It seems to be the narrowest and there is no problem. When I asked the vet, the gap between the two fingers is just right.

MUNCHKIN, CASTRATION OPERATION The evening of the operation day. He had just arrived at my house. The kitten was still wobbly, not yet recovered from general anesthesia.

MUNCHKIN, CASTRATION OPERATION The kitten has a sleepy face. The hair was shortened with a hair clipper during anesthesia for the treatment of cat mold on the nose.

MUNCHKIN, CASTRATION OPERATION MUNCHKIN, CASTRATION OPERATION The scrotum is squeezed. Maybe because pulled out the testicles.

MUNCHKIN, CASTRATION OPERATION What is it? His stomach has been shaved after general anesthesia due to treatment for mycosis.

MUNCHKIN, CASTRATION OPERATION MUNCHKIN, CASTRATION OPERATION He looks not feel well on the day of surgery. The day before the night without food. I finally gave him cat food the next morning. Some cats are nauseous and cannot eat food the next day. I think that there is no problem as our cat drinks water well and eats cat food from the next morning. Since he wears an Elizabeth collar, he has a grumpy look all the time.

MUNCHKIN, CASTRATION OPERATION MUNCHKIN, CASTRATION OPERATION Is the scrotum swollen than yesterday? Did this cat cut out the ball properly?

MUNCHKIN, CASTRATION OPERATION The penis is about to erect. It may grow when stimulated by grooming even after castration.

MUNCHKIN, CASTRATION OPERATIONHe is sleeping in the territory of rabbit Caesar. It takes about a week to remove threads. My impression was that general anesthesia was more dangerous or more carefully handled than castration itself. We asked for surgery at Akabane Hospital of Pigeon Animal Hospital in Kita-Ku Tokyo. Thank you very much for their courteous care, including explanations before and after surgery. As we are amateurs of cat care, so they answered our basic questions.


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