Kitten Munchkin, Cats-Mold (Fungus) Under Treatment


KITTEN MUNCHKIN, CATS-MOLD, FUNGUS, TREATMENT My kitten, Chai, is now six and a half months old. I picked him up at home his 3-month-old, and he had been infected with cat mold since then. When he came to my house, many parts were affected by the mold, nose, ears, and neck, tips of his limbs and stomach were affected. I thought a kitten had a serious disease.

KITTEN MUNCHKIN, CATS-MOLD, FUNGUS, TREATMENT Chai has been receiving treatment at a veterinarian since two months ago. The doctor told me that Chai had a castration operation on the way, so it might take a long time to heal due to stress. Anyway, cat mold is a persistent disease, so I was told to cure it patiently.

KITTEN MUNCHKIN, CATS-MOLD, FUNGUS, TREATMENT I checked it at the hospital because the black light test showed that there was a part that glows. Cat mold was found in the ears, nose, hind legs, and stomach.

KITTEN MUNCHKIN, CATS-MOLD, FUNGUS, TREATMENT I was told to apply a Lulicon liquid by a pet shop before, but it seems that Ruricon liquid did not suit my cat. Hibix ointment which I chose by myself did not suit my cat, either. Hibix ointment repeatedly made the affected area seem to be healed and get worse. If it is a mild symptom, it may be effective. It contains a little steroid, so long-term use is not desirable. I felt sorry for Chai that his thin skin got rough.

KITTEN MUNCHKIN, CATS-MOLD, FUNGUS, TREATMENT At present, I apply itraconazole as oral medicine, Hibiten as an ear disinfectant, and Lamisil cream to the affected area when it dries. Itraconazole is prescribed in powder form and mixed with paste food Ciao Churu. I give him a Ciao Churu at a certain time of the night and he is in a good mood, so I am worried after stopping the medicine.

KITTEN MUNCHKIN, CATS-MOLD, FUNGUS, TREATMENT The vet shears the affected area every time he comes to the hospital. The nose and ears and belly are main. Now it is only ears. It looks ugly so I want it to get better soon. Now his nose, limbs, and belly are getting better, and still, his ears are moldy. This looks better, but it will take a little longer.

KITTEN MUNCHKIN, CATS-MOLD, FUNGUS, TREATMENT It costs from 7,000 yen to 10,000 yen every time we come to the hospital. They are a hair cut, inspection, and medicine. If we don’t have enough physical strength, time, and money, we can’t have a pet. Part of the treatment fee will be reimbursed by the pet insurance.

KITTEN MUNCHKIN, CATS-MOLD, FUNGUS, TREATMENTI was told by the pet shop that if you give him a little medicine, it will be cured soon. I liked Chai so much that I understood that there was no problem with the treatment, and when I actually checked it on the internet or visited the veterinarian after I took him to my house, it seems to be a serious disease, so I need patience for the treatment. Especially when my wife saw Chai in the shop, she felt the encounter of destiny, and I have to take responsibility for the treatment of Chai.


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