Introduction to the Breeding Environment of the Rabbit Netherlands Dwarf

Netherland dwarf, A formal photograph. The camera eye firmly. RABBIT

I keep a rabbit from the spring of 2009.I keep a rabbit from the spring of 2009. It’s called Netherland Dwarf with small size and ear standing. The same kind of rabbit in a story of Peter Rabbit. His name is Caesar, which is from my favorite character, Caesar Zeppeli that appears in the comics “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” by Mr. Hirohiko Araki. I thought Caesar was brought up to the well-mannered rabbit no Splaying and mounting.
Currently, 7 years old. In terms of human beings is that of a long 60-year-old.

The cage is large size 80cm which is sold in Japan.The cage is large size 80cm which is sold in Japan. Pet Circle was connected in the joint, bought wire mesh at a nearby hardware store. Brushing tools and Maglite be seen in the upper right corner. I use Maglite to light it up not to cut blood vessel running in his nails inside.

I changed it for a big plastic rabbit toiretAt first, I used the fan-shaped ceramic toilet, but it’s too small. I changed it for a big plastic one. It is easy to clean.

Connection of the wire mesh barrierConnection of the wire mesh barrier was noisy when Caesar was playing with it, I used vinyl tape between the connection and wire mesh to prevent making a sound. Now Caesar doesn’t play with it, I left the tapes.

The grass is served unlimited.The grass is served unlimited. Because I hate the grass scattered around the room, I put it in a small cage for the grass stocking. Look to the right is a cool aluminum plate. It seems to be comfortable when Caesar is flopping on in the hot summer.
I think he can jump over to out side easily from the top of this small cage. But he understands that the flooring is hard to walk and do not escape.

prepared the marble plate for a heat radiating effectI prepared the marble plate for a heat radiating effect. When the rabbit is really relaxed, he touches the head on the ground and throw out his legs and falls asleep. Even if the surroundings are noisy, he doesn’t seem to be worrying about it.

rabbit is a representative animal that conducts coprophagyThe rabbit is a representative animal that conducts coprophagy. After eating grass and eats cecal fecesa, which smells and small soft excretory substance. This is a nutritional origin, so it’s a very important act. Then, round dry excrement comes out. Our Caesar is poor at coprophagy and messed up the toweling blanket on the floor. A blanket can be machine-washed, so cleanness can be kept. However, a rabbit gnawing a cloth one, it is sometimes die of clogging the belly.
Caesar does not bite it, but the rug and blanket was 100% cotton for safe. I think it’s dangerous to use chemical fibers.

More than 90% of excretion are in the toiletMore than 90% of excretion are in the toilet. Or come out during the nap, he has sometimes spilled out of the toilet. The perfection is impossible. Toilet Seat has been replaced as frequently. Thin pet sheets for small dogs are sufficient.

I heard it's better to let him tap water, not mineral water.I heard it’s better to let him tap water not mineral water. The latter is not good for health because various germs are easily growth in the water bottle. Caesar loves food of carbohydrates. I had given a little snack for dry pasta, udon, somen, bread, brown rice, walnuts, almonds,
but do not seem to be matched the bowels of the rabbit, it’s written in
many books. Caesar is so happy as an expression changes, it’s trouble if
he stops eating grass. I feed only a pellet (since born only the brand
"Bunny Selection") and grass, alfalfa cubes now. He had been
appealing to embark the half of the body from the circle in the rustling
sound of the grocery bag, now he doesn’t get up during the nap.

doesn't like to be carried up so long timeCaesar doesn’t like to be carried up so long time. By the way, on the back of a rabbit ‘s foot there is no pad. It is bushy. So the flooring is slippery and seems difficult to walk. I think that is not good for rabbit joints, a blanket is spread in the activity area.

relaxing on a marble throneHow Caesar is relaxing in marble throne.

baby rabbit 3 weeks baby rabbit 3 weeksCaesar baby rabbit 3 weeks.

Around 3 months old rabbitAround 3 months old.

A coat of hair is not good in the molting periodA coat of hair is not good in the molting period. Relaxes on cool floor.

rabbit pasture houseThe start rabbit house is like this. I bought the rabbit pasture house, but he didn’t live in there at all. Eventually, it was destroyed, nibbled all.

pasture caseOld pasture case. Now the breeding environment become a functional design. Still rabbit was small.

Netherland dwarf, A formal photograph. The camera eye firmly.A formal photograph. The camera eye firmly.

motionless for scared or give up escapingCaesar is motionless for scared or give up escaping, when he is on his back. It’s no problem if he let me cut his fingernails, when hem act violently, I cover his head with a towel, retain the position lightly at my side. Generally frequency of nail clippers is once a month.

rabbit playing in the circleIt is basically a free-range in the circle, sometimes to play in the room laying the blankets widely. He does the dash or high jump happily.

rabbit, curiosity in somethingHe has a curiosity in something he doesn’t know fairly, when he’s in a good mood, he is approaching. However, I think rabbits are not very attached as cats and dogs. I recommend you getting enough information before start breeding.

Plastic toilet for rabbitsPlastic toilet for rabbits. I haven’t cleaned up for a while, urinary stones were 5mm or more thickness. It is shameful for rabbit owners. It is impossible with water and the common detergent to drop them. It will be pretty clean after spraying citric acid aqueous solution for a while. It is a pity that I forgot to take a picture before cleaning, but I will take it again when it gets dirty. I felt like peeling the oyster off the shell rather than taking the urinary stone.

I put the rabbit cage in the Japanese-style room temporarilyAfter moving, I put the rabbit cage in the Japanese-style room temporarily. A clear ball was used instead of pasture box, but this is necessary to make pancake and white sauce of the gratin with a microwave, so an exclusive item will be necessary as expected.

a grass feederSo I bought a grass feeder. This room is pretty bright. Because it is sunny, it is about 28 degrees in daytime when closing the window. I’m worried about the heat of midsummer.

rabbit likes corrugated cardboard is gnawing cornersUmmm, Caesar, who likes corrugated cardboard is gnawing corners. I will report it when I start using it at a later date.

I can arrange the pasture neatly.I can arrange the pasture neatly. The strength of the spring isn’t strong, so a rabbit can eat pasture easily.

a grass feeder and rabbit is eating the pastureYes, Caesar seemed to like it. Because Caesar loves spikes of the grass very much, he grew big for Netherland Dwarf.

rabbit exerciseFor a rabbit exercise, set up a water bottle a little above, and he cannot drink water unless he stretches out. He climbs the second floor of the cage and drinks it from the side.
I took off the second floor part of the wire mesh quickly. It is a very high possibility of hurting his fingers by hooking the nails when he goes up and down. It is a personal opinion that it is better not to let him needless moving up and down.


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