This is Tamiya’s REPUBLIC P-47M THUNDERBOLT, I built it from June to July 2007.

P-47M Thunderbolt Tamiya 1/48 scale box package

I want to make an aircraft model when I painted the inside of the tank and I bought this kit. I chose this because it was a kit recommended to the beginner for easy to assemble. This is the first 1/48 aircraft I make, I made only one 1/72 about five years ago. Anyway, My target is just accomplishment, same as every time….

Cockpit of P-47M Thunderbolt Tamiya 1/48 scale

The cockpit is completed. It was difficult for paint internal side small parts. A precise feeling improved quite when I pasted the decal to meter board. I painted the matte coat because it was quite glossy.

Cockpit and seatbelt decal of P-47M Thunderbolt Tamiya 1/48 scale

After I assembled the cockpit, I painted the back of meter board in black. As for a recent kit, the high quality seat belt decal is prepared. If I absorbed into aircraft models, I make the belt by myself handmade.

Building of P-47M Thunderbolt Tamiya 1/48 scale

Assembly was completed roughly over long periods of time. I’ll into paint step after cleaning the seam of the joint. Painting procedure is the first, red ring on the front nose, and silver on the under surface. The last is navy blue on the upper surface.

Painting of P-47M Thunderbolt Tamiya 1/48 scale

After blowing red on the nose and the tail, I blew silver downward. I have attached masking tapes before blowing the navy blue to the upper surface. The cockpit was painted with masking liquid first, but after all I had to attach the cockpit flame by sliced masking tapes. Because it is my first airplane assemble, arrangements are bad.

Masking the underside of P-47M Thunderbolt Tamiya 1/48 scale

The lower side.

Painting royal blue to P-47M Thunderbolt Tamiya 1/48 scale

Basic painting was completed. The whole surface was matted and it’s difficult to attache decal well. I need to blow satin coat before it. Red was somber. I should have painted pink before blow in red. That’s the way to vivid red color.

Blowing satin court to P-47M Thunderbolt

This is after blowing satin court. Becoming glossy a little overall.

Decals pasted on 1/48 P-47M Thunderbolt

I finished pasting the decal. Adhesion was insufficient and silvering has been occurred…… I temporarily attached the canopy by the bond for woodwork. It’s temporarily attached, but I need power to peel off the canopy. Is it a pitot tube that the left side curved pipe? The pitot tube was fragile and insert strengthens brass wire because I broke it many times while assembling it.

Completed 1/48 P-47M Thunderbolt

While I was making the Japanese Imperial Army Tank inside painting, I would like to make aircraft model. It is the first aircraft model in this Homepage.

Front shot of 1/48 P-47M Thunderbolt

It’s fat body and my impression of this aircraft is small at first. But opening the kit box, the body was quite big. It is 23cm in the total length, and the width about 25cm. The machine guns total right and left are eight guns and it equips strength arms.

Left side of 1/48 P-47M Thunderbolt

P-47 is a fighter-bomber that represents American Army Air Squadron in World War II. The M type was a design that mainly aims at the high speed. There were other B type, D type, etc. The canopy and the propeller are different according to each type. The first airframe was introduced to Europe in January, 1945. It was immediately before the end of the war.

Upper view of the cockpit of 1/48 P-47M Thunderbolt

Putting a light gray ink on the navy blue area and black ink on the silver and red parts. It’s accented the light and shadow. Peel off effect painting was partially expressed along the panel line.

Silver under surface of 1/48 P-47M Thunderbolt

I did washing on the lower side lightly, but not so much as AFV model.

Marking was lieutenant Russell Cuyler’s wing of the 61st combat flight squadron, the 56th combat Airforces, P-47M Thunderbolt

Marking was lieutenant Russell Cuyler’s wing of the 61st combat flight squadron, the 56th combat Airforces, the eighth air force. Nice shot from the actual eye level view.

1/48 P-47M Thunderbolt building and painting to finish

I completed it after all, though the quality did not reach the average…. Making of the aircraft model is difficult. I need to take care about the painting process and decal finishing more. It became completion of the United States Independence Day. I want to make a jet plane next time.


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