T-80UD Soviet Main Battle Tank Skif 1/35

The Skif T-80UD, this Eastern Europe kit, I had a tough experience. At that time, I was surprised by the amount of this etched part. Before painting, the hard work paid off and it looked better. The paint looks like urban camouflage.

StuG III Ausf G German Self-Propelled Assault Gun Dragon 1/35

It's the Dragon Smart Kit, StuG III Ausf G. Even though it was a wonderful kit, I installed the Magic Truck in the opposite direction. If the direction of the track is the opposite, it is very strange for people who are used to seeing the III and IV tanks. However, we finished the assembly and painting.

Stryker M1126 U.S. Army Infantry Carrier Vehicle AFV Club 1/35

It is an AFV club Striker kit. The US Army's most advanced armored car. I like this kit because the mold is tight. There was mold in the rubber tire. I did too much weathering.

Panther G Steel Road Wheels German Medium Tank Dragon 1/35

I built the Dragon Smart Kit, Panter G. It is a steel wheel and has no rubber part. In the second half of World War II, German tanks were more likely to be dark green than dark yellow.

Semovente M40 Italian Self-Propelled Assault Gun Tamiya 1/35

This is the Semovente that Tamiya released with parts renewal. The footwear has a sharp mold and the best one is a partially connected track. I think it has been greatly improved since the old model was a belt type. The figures and accessories are also good.

Stridsvagn 103C Swedish Main Battle Tank Trumpeter 1/35

It is a kit of TrumpeterStridsvagn 103C. I was very interested in the shape of the near future since it appeared. The camouflage paint has a linear pattern, which is rare for a tank model, and the color boundaries are sharp. I think freehand paint works.

Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf G German Medium Tank Dragon 1/35

It is a Dragon Panzerkampfwagen IV type G. Marking is Panzer Lehr Division. It's a winter camouflage tank. Building the number of wheels peculiar to the IV tank is hard, but the fitting of the parts is very good and I enjoyed making it. The amount of etched parts is not too much.

T-70M Early Type Soviet Light Tank Miniart 1/35

I made a T-70M Soviet army light tank called MiniArt which is a Ukrainian plastic model maker. I painted it white with winter camouflage this time, but it is difficult to create a good atmosphere. The overall fit is not perfect, but the quality will improve in the future.

M3A3 Stuart U.S. Army Light Tank AFV Club 1/35

It is M3A3 Stuart light tank. The kit is an AFV Club, and I always focus on connecting type of track, but most of the US tanks are tight-fitting, so I don't feel uncomfortable wearing belt type. I chose the marking of the British, 5th Royal Tank Regiment, 22nd Amd Brigade in June 1944.

Hetzer Jagdpanther 38(t) German Tank Destroyer Tamiya 1/35

This is Tamiya's Hetzer. I tried the camouflage painting method, but I ended up painting with a brush. The painting example was Strumgeschutz-Abteilung 1708, 708. Volks-Grenadier-Division. With a small number of parts, the assembly can be completed relatively easily.
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