It is a smart kit anti-aircraft half-track. I made it from August 2011 to May 2012.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 BOX PACKAGEThis half-track model contains many quite small parts same as a cannon kit of AFV now I’m making. It’s my first time to try German half-track.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGThere are over 800 parts. Photo-etched parts are included effectively.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGI failed in the first stage that is the assembly of the tire. The left tire, required to match the five parts that are a real good tread pattern. I just made them wrong stacking order in tatters. It’s helpless, so I had thought to manage the normal type of tire, the right side one in this picture. This kit contains three tires, I could prepare two front tires that is the middle one in this picture.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGI need to adjust all parts of the front chassis. Without it, some of the parts mounting positions are inadequate and finally, it’s impossible to complete all assembly.
There are many misprints in the manual, some parts are not indicated and incomplete explanation. There’s an errata slip in Sembado’s HP, that is quite helpful. I would like to request to Dragon Models to complete maintenance for accurate description. I suppose there are many ways to give out the revised version of description, for example, they can distribute it from Dragon Models Home Page.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGDetailed engine and gear parts. I have mistaken some parts of the engine attaching. Well, I don’t care about small things and go to the next step.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGThe painting around the engine. Base paint was black and repainted gunmetal from the top. The engine room is dark yellow, and the inside of the front radiator was painted in black. Finally inside will not be so visible, I presume.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGI struggled to produce anti-aircraft artillery ammunition cases. First, the case lid parts should be leaping out from the panel horizontal line, but I glued them to the bottom. I wanted to keep ignoring this, after trial assembly, it was standing out and it can’t be left alone. The correction was hard that all parts are attached by instant adhesive mighty hard. In the end, I feel them pretty good detail.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGTightly just fit assembled panels of the engine room, it’s quite difficult. Poor-fitting of the accessory box both side of the engine room, unfortunately, I opened a little gap. Maybe I was the wrong assembly of the front tire guard (the parts of the curved surface one) angle. If such a gap would be bad looking, I try to fix with my putty.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGAssembled fences with ammunition cases. Every single part of quality is ​​really good. I was surprised how the rifle storage on this vehicle is characterized, you can see it on the right of the photo. The shift gear lever in the driver’s seat, parts were missing and I had to make it by myself…

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGSince I’m in Finance & Accounting section, I had to attend the quarter closing on the last weekend. I did not go completely assembled model. Modeling does not proceed at all. Would not such an unreasonable schedule cannot be improved?
Complete the 20mm anti-aircraft gun at last. Cartridge case emission net was divided into four photo-etched parts and difficult assembly. This process is easy to use round bars and eraser as this photo.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGAn anti-aircraft gun was attached to the body. I can choose 4 types of degrees and this photo is 40 degrees like aiming air target. Each part is connected to an unexpected place which is various intricate so I need to assemble this gun very carefully.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGAssembly of the caterpillar. With a small amount of adhesive, this caterpillar is movable.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGA little strange feeling because the bottom roller was attached against the ground flatly. Looks cool the front and end of the caterpillar are rising slightly. So I tried to adjust the upward force with cutting bottom roller shaft.
This looks more natural look.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGLeft side, I also raised the rear wheels slightly. Characteristic of the half-track caterpillar is good looking.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 MAKINGRecent models come with masking tape. Before not so long, I can have a painting process. The left half of the hood was glued and remain open the right side, I intended. I tried to shave a little thin edge of the bulletproof plates.

PANZERGRENADIER FIGURE DRAGON 1/35I used the sitting pose soldier second from the left one.

PANZERGRENADIER FIGURE DRAGON 1/35The masculine look. Good shape of both hands. Face and head parts are divided so I had to fill the gap.

PANZERGRENADIER FIGURE DRAGON 1/35I loaded the machine gun and equipment. I attached haversack on the passenger seat. The next stage is painting so let’s wash the parts.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 PAINTINGHard to reach the painting area was airbrushed with dark color in advance.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 PAINTINGCompleted the basic painting. The camouflage pattern is narrow dark yellow and red-brown line. It is difficult to adjust the air pressure of airbrushing.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOCompletion of the 1-ton half-track with 20 mm anti-aircraft gun. 1 ton means the towing capacity is one metric ton, it’s the most compact models of the German half-trucks. This vehicle had been active from the very early scene of WWII.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOWhen I bought this kit, I was expecting it’s not so big firepower of 20 mm. In the movie “Saving Private Ryan, the 20 mm gun appeared in the almost last scene”, German soldiers are shooting 20 mm to U.S. soldiers who placed on Tiger side turret, the human body became shattered, quite shocking picture, that I remember.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOAfter complete this kit, the size is as small as to fit on your palm, it’s fine details, many tough parts, even if you make it straight from the box, it’s quite acceptable contents.
The open-top vehicle has large painting space and it’s time-consuming to chipping all the surface.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOBecause there are many viewing highlights in a variety of places, I did not dry brush of the caterpillar glare too much metal. Too much washing with enamel thinner makes easy to break thin, fragile parts such as rearview mirror, poles side of the front bumper, please be careful.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOThe engine compartment is half-open. On the passenger seat, the accent here is put miscellaneous equipment.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOThis kit has detailed decal of speed meter and something. Using them, you can finish it up with the real front panel.
Trace of dust on front glass is with masking tape of cutting circle shape. I measured the radius from the origin point, rubber length and I draw a small and large circle. It’s not perfect but almost good.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOI attached one figure, I tried to make German soldier but it’s like… Asian people. I feel quite well to use insignia decals released from Tamiya. I could not make it by my handwriting, I presume. Especially I like the decals on the cap.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOThere is too many sleeve mold of wrinkles on this figure. But the feeling of the shape of hands is very natural. I drew blood vessels while watching my own hands. Decal of the belt buckle is also good.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOSo the lightest half-track, small working space for soldiers. When the shooting, left, right and rear enclosure falls horizontally and give some more space. I attempted to be movable this mechanism but too small and it’s impossible.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOOn the helmet, there’s 3 colors nation mark on the right side. This mark was abandoned since the summer of ’43. The figure’s atmosphere is better not to be able to see the eyes, this time….. It means eyes are the most important factor in the face.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOI made this half-truck operating in Normandy, but this kill-mark recording is doubtful, too many! Maybe replacement from Russian front while long battle experience.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOOne of the features of this half-truck is the mechanism of the anti-air gun itself. This gun can move 360 degrees, but after assembled, the rear bench disturbs to round smoothly.

GERMAN HALF-TRACK 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOI have quite a sense of accomplishment to be finished work between a long time interval. The company I work for was acquired by supergiant global industrial corporation based in the US. Then, fairly busy, did not take quite a time for modeling.
No spare time for modeling is because of business, I’m due to work in a US capitalized company for accounting & finance so begin to study USCPA. I can’t imagine I started studying for a certificate at this age….. If I update my HP very often, it’s meant I have not studied seriously for a test… : )

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  1. I love you site, I am a rocky so your site help me to built.
    I am going to do the GERMAN HALF-TRACK Sd.Kfz.10/5 2cm FLAK38 DRAGON 1/35
    could you tell me the color you used to paint the body, I love this color.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. There are a lot of parts in the box of Dragon Half-Track Sd.Kfz.10/5, isn’t it? The color of the body mixed Mr. Color 39 – Dark Yellow (Sandy Yellow) and a little white. It was adjusted a little brighter. I hope your half-track will be successful.

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