Seiran Aichi M6A1 Imperial Japanese Navy Attack Aircraft Tamiya 1/48


It is Seiran, an attack aircraft carrier in a submarine. It was completed in September 2015.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 BOX PACKAGEI make the special attack aircraft named Seiran which is released from Tamiya. The Imperial Japanese Navy developed it with the idea that the airplane stored in a large submarine and attack secretly.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 MAKINGThe cockpit, pilot, and the assistant? Bomber? I made them. Tamiya’s figures in all plastic models are very nice quality on whole. There’s no choice but to omit them.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 MAKINGThe dolly (cart) is attached to this kit. It was rare, I assembled it at once. A float is carried here and seems to move to rumble.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 MAKINGI assembled two floats earlier to check whether they got on the dolly properly. I set up a weight in one of the floats to keep a balance to prevent overturning. This airplane looks balance behind very much. It is an 800 kg bomb standing to the left.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 MAKINGOh, What a coincidence! When I uploaded this Seiran in this HP, the next day I heard the news that an I-400 class submarine sinking in Nagasaki offing was found. Because 70 years pass, I think this ship has intense corrosion and is worthless, if a condition is good, it is good information. The I-400 was the mother ship of Seiran, and the airplane wings were folded and 3 planes were stored like this Tamiya’s leaflet. I wonder about the pilot’s feeling of living in a submarine…
Such a detailed commentary is written on an assembling manual of Tamiya. It is splendid. It helps our motivation for building well.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 MAKING PILOTThese 2 pilots are completely the same mold. I drew a mustache on the pilot’s face. I made a difference with a navigator without a mustache. Oh, the eyes are similar.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 MAKING PILOTMaybe I could paint like the pilot of IJN somehow.
Recently, even a Japanese could not answer the day of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I suppose the history education should be taught from after the Meiji Restoration to the postwar period first and the last is four major civilizations if there’s no time to teach all programs. By the way, Hiroshima is on August 6, 1945, and Nagasaki is on August 9, 1945.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGThe cockpit color was designated as XF-22 RLM gray in TAMIYA Color, I would like to paint by lacquer Mr. Color, so the Japanese Navy fighter cockpit color of number 126 (Mitsubishi Planes) was mixed with RLM02 gray with number 60 about half-and-half for now.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 MAKINGThe propeller canopy is available from two kinds with a point being round and sharp. I didn’t know about it so well anyway, I chose the sharp one. My impression of the body is very slim and smart, it is considered stylish.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 MAKINGThe back is like this. As for the assembling before the painting, there will be a limit. The next step is painting.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGAbout the painting of the canopy frame, I drew in freehand without the masking this time. Maybe I need to repaint a little later. The freehand drawing makes me under some pressure.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGThe pitot tube of the kit mold is dull, I made it by myself with the brass pipes. I was finished in good taste. I was going to use the part of plastic parts, it’s broken and all was remade by brass.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGI use the glue named Pitmult-2, this is the water solubility and can be stuck and peeled off, for gluing the canopy and the body. Honestly speaking, I didn’t like it. It was poured the liquid-like thinned with water at the adhesive point. I had trouble around the canopy was sticky and clear windows were tainted, usual plastic glue is better for me.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGBefore entering the whole painting process, only a canopy is masked.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGIt is a painting, the bottom and float bottom fuselage will be inking without especially fading effect. The dark green upper area When a body color of dark green puts the light and shade here and there.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGAlso, a propeller and dolly were painted with an airbrush. This dolly seems to take time and effort.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGAs shown in the picture, it is not a very good way to paint the masking sol to a large area. But I carried it out.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGI’ve airbrushed the panel line in dark green.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGI blew the light and shade lightly, and the basic painting is completed. Oh, I want to glue legs together early.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGThe dark green and bright off-white border were made a boundary that clearly. Moreover, it is the boundary of a random curve.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGDepending on the taste, but I feel that’s random in the crisp line unnatural to somehow Japanese fighter airplane. Because I could not start it again if I put the decal off the nationality mark, I repainted that there is some gradation.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGA decal was a little old, and a white part was easy to break. Red and yellow were quite robust and I needed a strong decal softener to stick on the curved surface. It’s almost completed.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKThe Seiran is a special attack airplane that can be equipped with an 800kg bomb. This airplane could be stocked in a submarine. 28 planes were produced by the end of the war. There was also the Panama Canal bombardment plan, but couldn’t participate in the actual fighting and met the end of the war finally.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKIt’s a classified weapon, so it wouldn’t become dirty so much. It has been completed as neatly as possible.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKIt’s easy to imagine the Seiran’s size compared with the AA battery, it’s quite a large airplane. Because there are two floats, I feel it’s big.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKI finished the dolly with a very different color from making comments. I imagined a center pallet becoming dirty with machine oil in black.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKThe black parts are rubber, dark brown is iron parts. The Brown area is the wooden part.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKWrinkles have been left in a decal of the Rising Sun. After putting decals softer, twiddled one would be bad. I made it a little flat by sandpaper and applied red again, but complete recovery would be impossible.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKThis could be stuck tight. After all, should I not have moved it?

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKThe antenna line is made of metal. At the antenna pole on the cockpit, I have been damaged after completion. It was attached again, so the one stuck tightly has sagged for a short while. It’s very regrettable.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKMoreover, a drill was used to fix an antenna pole again, so a chip is in the cockpit. It’s trouble to the next from the next as a domino was being lined and it was knocked down by the way. A chip was falling finally, but building works around here needs scrupulous attention.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKI can see the faces of the pilots well because I polished the canopy. I like this part.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKThe body underside is light gray. I did the inking and washing lightly. It is a big body.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKWell, is the painting of some sashes warped? I imagine that the corner of the window panes is dirty with sea breeze by operation on the ocean, and salt attached.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKI blew in black around the engine exhaust.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKThere are some points of trouble, on the whole, it is a reliable aircraft with good looking.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKA decal of a nameplate under the tailplane was broken into pieces actually, I borrowed one piece from Zero fighters of Tamiya in my stock. I do not understand that I look hard and approach and do not see it. Because a letter is so small and not readable at all when I look hard to close near, It’s no problem.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKThat it’s unexpected, painting of dolly took much time.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKYellow decals have uneven coloring, I painted over several times to unify the color tone.

SEIRAN TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKIt is my first time building a seaplane. The fitting of a part is good and also has a tremendous impact. There is a feeling of satisfaction very much when completed.


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