Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb Trop. Royal Air Force Fighter Tamiya 1/48


It is a feature of the good old Tamiya Spitfire. I made it in April 2015.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 BOX PACKAGEWhen I discovered the caterpillar track of the tiger the other day, various plastic models came out of my cave. Spitfire of this North African front version is very old (around 20 years ago?), but Tamiya has good parts fitting and seems to be assembled without any problem. Is it the German bomber Dornier Do-17? This package during the battle is very cool. Probably this picture attracted me and I purchased it.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 MAKINGI cut out the main parts and check the fitting. Firstly, this kit was released as a normal spitfire and after that added parts of the desert climate. The pilot uniform is for tropical, too. The normal and tropical uniform figure, two types are in this box, someday another figure has a chance to be made.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 MAKINGI checked every part, joint of the main wing, and landing gear. I adjusted the Pilot pose to the seat. I think the cockpit space is narrow, his knees seem to hit the panel.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 MAKINGThe inside body color including the cockpit is 1:3:1 mixing with XF-5 mat green, XF-21 sky, and XF-65 field gray by the instruction. I replace the color which I’m having now Creos Mr.Color, No.6 Green, No.118 RLM78 light blue, and No.52 field gray. But it’s a little different from my image so mixed with No.124 Japanese Navy plane color and No.27 Interior color.
I know later Creos released an aircraft interior color set of US and British WWII planes. I wonder why these are not sold separately?
I think Tamiya abandons the strange pride and has additional information on the color numbers of Creos and Humbrol.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 MAKINGBlew the surfacer on this figure, it’s only 3cm. It’s a good-looking short sleeve and short pants pilot.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 MAKING COCKPITBecause there was not the decal of the cockpit panel in this kit, I did handwriting unwillingly. At first, I painted the panel in matte black, next dry brushing in silver. I did washing lightly inside of the meters in white. The white inside meters sometimes have surface irregularity and it looks like meter needles and scale marks. Anyway, it’s better than my image. I wonder when is the start of the panel decal attached to an airplane kit.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 MAKING RAF PILOTI am painting the pilot figure. It’s bad to start painting not fixed on the hold tight, I just have attached the double-stick tape to the chip of wood. The figure almost comes off from the tape on the way and cannot paint it calmly. It’s better to use a metal stick to fixed in the wood chip usually.
I feel this pilot resembles Count Cagliostro in “Lupin the Third: Castle of Cagliostro” which is a famous Japanese animation for 35 years, the director was Mr. Hayao Miyazaki.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 MAKINGI made the exhaust vent on these engine mufflers with my motor tool. The left is just I drilled one. I think it’s no need to drill too deep, it’s easily broken.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 MAKINGThere is a gap between the body and the main wing. I thought it’s no problem while painting because it’s so small a gap, but anyway I molded it with a melted plastic runner (handmade plastic putty), again carved panel line and rivets. Maybe needed more smooth surface treatment.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGThe fuselage underside color is cobalt blue, it seems to blend when we viewed up from the bottom in the blue sky of the Mediterranean. After I show you the view from the upper side, it is brown camouflage, such as fit in with the Sahara. Spitfire appeared in the comic “The cockpit” which is a famous Japanese artist Mr. Leiji Matsumoto works, the first episode was the battle of Spitfire vs Messerschmitt in North Africa.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGThis is the masking seal which is not usually using the Tamiya brand, I tried to use it for the more broad width of the cover. Masking is easy, but I was worried a little that it’s too sticky. I dropped the sticking power to peel off and attach to my jeans a couple of times. There was no particular problem when I later removed them.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGThe backside is as in this photo.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGCamouflage color is Mr.Color 39 dark yellow and 43 wood brown 4:1. Tamiya’s instructions said dark yellow and dessert yellow 1:1. I have a little adjustment adding 21 middle stones, I noticed this color is especially for the Royal Air Force camouflage so using this color alone is OK, I suppose. Brown was painted in 310 Brown FS80219. I’m in favor of a pale brown color this time, so it’s just matched my feeling.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGWell, it was a fiasco… Since Tamiya decals cannot be used, cracked many and too old. I searched Hasegawa’s same situation decals in my house, very lucky. This Hasegawa decal was a new type and first for me, it’s something like slide decal which was required to scrub strongly. It does not move even going to change the little position adjustment, once I attached it, it’s very very difficult handling. Well, it’s not moving so I tried to peel off but impossible… OK, so I scraped it to file! I’m afraid to damage the basic color to hesitate too many scratches on the surface. Now I’m lost in abstraction at the last stage of a process that should be the most enjoyable work of decal changed to catastrophe, now I’m thinking the recovery.
Come to think of it, a long time ago, maybe I let it go this decal that seems difficult handling.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGI mistook to understand the explanation of this decal, I should have peeled off the thick paper, remain only semi-transparent paper to attach to the body. But the situation is almost the same that the decal location should be fixed one-shot.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTINGThe decal under the cockpit and some others are not good. One good point, this Hasegawa decal’s color is vivid and looks cool.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTING DECALThere are 4 notification letters under the main wing, I succeeded 3 in 4, the only one from Tamiya’s old decal I tried. Like this photo, the decal is melted in the water…..

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTING DECALI coated this decal with clear paint in my style. The unnatural glossy coat was unified after the final semi-gloss coating, I suppose.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 PAINTING DECALRoundel’s national insignia was also retouched by brush. The brushing part is matted and visible, although not much recognized the unnatural area in this photo. It will be cleared after coating the splay. It’s a relief that the cat character decal was good paste no fail. It’s smooth ink in the panel lines in a dark color on the glossy surface, at this point glossy surface.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKThe Spitfire is now completed. This aircraft is equipped with a sand-proof filter suitable for combat in the desert region in the North African Campaign. The shape of the main wing and coloring was different from the airplane which was assigned in the UK mainland.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKI drilled the muzzle of Hispano Mk. I 20mm machine-gun by design knife.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKThis marking is the 244th Wing Commander Ian R Gleed,1943 Tunisia North Africa. Tamiya’s decal was too old to use so I tried to use the Hasegawa decal just I have. It’s a very troubled work. Anyway, I completed it.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKAn antenna cable is a thin metal wire that is usually used in the ship model. It looks a little slack. I wonder whether it is suitable for a battleship, but not airplanes. I need research on fishing line and metal line that which is good for the antenna.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKCamouflage Brown is a little different from others. It’s like the color used to Messerschmitt. Sometimes I look the similar coloring, but a minority. Well, it looks cool so melted in the desert field.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORK2 x 20mm machine-gun, 4 x 7.7 mm machine-gun is quite heavily armed. At first, I wonder about the black decals and the holes front side of the main wing, a total of 6 machine guns in this little air flame is amazing.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKAdhesion of the cockpit and airframe did not go very well. I level up the higher completion if this work is properly…

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKI blew dark brown on the back of the exhaust pipes. I was careful not to cover this blowing over the cartoon character decal.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKI did peel off paint weathering on the joint of the left main wing and body that the pilot got on and off repeatedly. Considering the severe climate of North Africa, harder weathering looks natural.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKI made it harder washing and weathering on the underside.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKI failed to paste the Hasegawa decal underside of some notice message one, I pasted the Tamiya. Since the size and type of the font are different from Hasegawa’s, I usually decorate it every day, no seeing underside so it’s OK only I felt a sense of accomplishment to do fully paste the decals.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKLieutenant Colonel Ian·R·Greed fought in the air war of the German invasion of France and the famous Battle of Britain. When he was appointed to North Africa, he was the 244th Wing Commander. Unfortunately, he was killed in action at the age of 26 in April 1943. His Spitfire Vb seems to be outdated compared to the Focke-Wulf German fighters. He was credited with 13 victories, including shared victories and a probable, total of around 20 credits.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKThis cat Figaro was released in 1940 from Disney characters. It came into the cartoon of Pinocchio, this cat ill-natured to Pinocchio. Figaro is breaking into shatters the German marking swastika.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKSpitfire propeller seems to have been wooden at the first stage, now this Mark Vb’s made of metal. I tried to paint the effect of the peeling of the original paint. The tires are fresh I forgot to have pastel work, the others are a good atmosphere, I suppose.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKI forgot to set out the size of the comparison sample, the overall length about 21cm, the full width about 22cm. It’s the best distance to look at this plane, too close looking is not great.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKI think this angle looks the most favorite. Now I love this Spitfire very much as it makes me many hard works especially decals and painting.

SPITFIRE MK.VB TROP. TAMIYA 1/48 FINISHED WORKStill slightly slanting this antenna cable that I retried more tension after the above photo. Many points I have to be improved next time.


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