The AFV Club Stryker. I built it from April to June 2009.

Box package of Stryker M1126 infantry carrier vehicle AFV Club 1/35

It is a state-of-the-art infantry carrier vehicle of the U.S. Army. It was out of stock almost in Japan and ordered to Hong Kong at the end of last year. I received it about two months ago. It has been rolling in the corner of my room. I almost forget about it…..

Michelin tire, Stryker M1126 infantry carrier vehicle AFV Club

Joint of parts seems to have improved greatly though it is the same manufacturer of Stuart M3. The Michelin tire has real texture.

outer shell of Stryker M1126

It is like a puzzle to put the tiny parts on the outer shell, It’s very interesting.

assembly of Stryker M1126

Becoming close completion little by little. It is multi material assembly to use rubber and the etched parts.

Assembly was completed, Stryker M1126

Assembly was completed.

brass line antenna, Stryker M1126

Since strength was weak, I made the antenna in the brass line, though there was an instruction to make them from the extending runner.

machine-gun on the Stryker M1126

It is a precise structure of machine-gun.

Base paint in green, Stryker M1126

I painted the basic color of Stryker. But the feeling, imagination and this color are a little bit different.

eight-wheel armored vehicle, Stryker M1126 infantry carrier vehicle AFV Club 1/35

The Stryker is an eight-wheel armored vehicle developed based on the Pyranja developed in Switzerland. The crew is two, and nine infantrymen can board. It can be also possible to carry in the air transport, and deploy the forces all over the world.

the best kit of the AFV club, Stryker M1126 infantry carrier vehicle

I think it’s the best kit of the AFV club. I can assemble with no stress, even there were a lot of detailed parts.

right side view of Stryker M1126

The tint is different from a real AFV. I suppose it should be thicker and darker. Some photographs seem to have lightened too much.

petrol with washing, Stryker M1126 infantry carrier vehicle AFV Club 1/35

If I used the petrol with washing too much, a dry mark might become irregularly appeared though the paint film of Humbrol is quite strong. And petrol violates the paint film to make crumples. There’s a case the wrinkle disappears after dry, but I suppose it’s risky method.

recovered the paintwork to blow the basic color again. Stryker M1126

I recovered the paintwork to blow the basic color again. When I express the pastel too much, the recovery is difficult.

pastel work too much, Stryker M1126

On the upper armor, I did pastel work too much and difficult to recover it. But dusty weathering is matched with the Middle East climate.

from upper view, Stryker M1126

The photograph from up front. There is a lot of detailed molding.

upper rear view of Stryker M1126

I should have added the accessory more and set up the feeling of the actual combat.

Dragon Models US tank crew and resin head

I installed the resin head in a Dragon’s old figure.

Michelin tire weathering, Stryker M1126

I think that I was able to paint the handle and the metal part such as shovels quite well.

Front face of Stryker M1126

I think we need to be careful that transparent parts of the AFV club becomes cloudy white or melt when it touches the enamel thinner. I bonded them with a transparent epoxy adhesive at the end of all steps this time. The vertical line of thin clearing parts has disappeared when a right headlight touched the epoxy adhesive…..
A whole shot with antenna is quite good-looking.

Stryker M1126 infantry carrier vehicle AFV Club 1/35 build and painting to finish

Painting was not so good this time, but I could enjoy the assembly process. Eight tires are very strong impact. Forming is also excellent. This kit is wonderful.


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