This T-80 tank, I had a lot of difficulties until completion. Using etched parts in earnest. Built from September 2009 to April 2010.

Box package of T-80UD Skif 1/35

I bought T-80 for overseas mail order about one year ago. It was a fairly good buy for only 20 EUR.

Parts are tightly filled in the plastic bag, T-80UD Skif

Parts are tightly filled in the plastic bag and heavy. Green color is vivid like the grasshopper.

assembly instruction was written in all Russian, T-80UD Skif

I can’t understand the assembly instruction was written in all Russian. I was relieved that the 15 page instruction manual is a very detailed explanation.

Molding is not sharp, T-80UD Skif

Molding is not sharp. Some parts are deformed.

Eduard photo-etched parts, T-80UD Skif

I’ll work hard to use Eduard photo-etched parts as much as possible. Without using it, the total quality of this kit is very low, I presume.

photo-etched parts assembly, T-80UD Skif

The part to which the photo-etched parts are assembled will work by priority. It is confusing to decide the work process concurrently reading the instructions on the etched parts and the instructions on the kit. It would be better to take notes or marking on the instruction directly that I complete the finished works.

rollers of T-80 Skif

I’m considering detailed parts are basically not fit.

assembly of side panel chassis, T-80 Skif

It’s my first time to assemble like the photo way. It’s to trash box when I cannot unite the under parts…..

Chassis completed, T-80 Skif

I managed to unite the parts and shaped box. Because various parts interfered, I ground and sliced many points to match each of them.

belt caterpillar of the attachment, T-80UD Skif 1/35

The belt caterpillar of the attachment are divided two parts for one side as same as the Tasca Sherman firefly.

bonded lower and upper parts, T-80UD Skif 1/35

At last, I bonded lower and upper parts. I want to start the assembly of the turret.

installation of the dozer braid, T-80UD Skif 1/35

I did not understand well the installation of the dozer braid on the body to refer the instruction.

spare fuel tank, T-80UD Skif 1/35

A panel and a spare fuel tank looks good to use the photo-etched parts.

rear fender parts, T-80UD Skif 1/35

Original rear fender parts was removed and attached photo-etched parts. Slightly I made battle damage.

Main gun barrel, T-80UD Skif 1/35

I mistook the degree of the barrel, the right position of the ledge is above but mistook to place it horizontaily. The barrel was broken to turn right above by force. After all, I shove everything off, and constructed the new ledge with the plastic board later.

T-80UD turret

All photo-etched parts are attached.

All photo-etched parts are attached, T-80UD Skif 1/35

I think 90% of the photo-etched parts were attached.

T-80 is smaller than the M1 Abrams

The first impression that I completed assembling, T-80 is smaller than the M1 Abrams. Height is also low, the livability of the crew might not have been good.

good photo-etched parts practice

A spare fuel tank and the pulling wire were change effectively. I don’t recommend the included rubber wire ropes.

spare fuel tank and the pulling wire were change effectively

I exchanged the buckle and straps of ammunition cases.

ammunition cases, T-80UD Skif 1/35

I buried a strange gap with the putty.

buried a strange gap with the putty, T-80UD Skif 1/35

As I mentioned, I broke the main gun and recovered with plastic parts.

I broke the main gun and recovered with plastic parts

This model is good photo-etched parts practice for me. Next time, I hope my skill will be higher.

light gray painting, T-80

I’ll paint 3 color camouflage and the first is light gray.

Light gray and red brown, black camouflage, T-80UD

Light gray and red brown, black camouflage is very strange looking. Maybe it’s suitable for battle in a city.

dropped the turret to the floor, and parts have broken

I dropped the turret to the floor, and parts have broken when sweeping the room. Instant adhesive power is weak against impact shock. It’s lucky as minor trouble.

T-80UD Skif 1/35, build and painting to finish

At last, SKIF T-80UD was completed. T-80 originally developed based on gas-turbine engine, but concurrently the diesel engine version was developed. T-80 equipped with the diesel engine is this UD. It is operated Russia and all over the world as Pakistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, and Cyprus, etc.

51 caliber 125mm smooth-bore gun, T-80UD Skif 1/35

51 caliber 125mm smooth-bore gun seems to be a powerful impression of a present age tank. The crew is three. It might be the roles of the commander, gunner, and driver. Only three crew seems to be very busy.

Painting on stiff rubber caterpillar, T-80UD Skif 1/35

Painting on stiff rubber caterpillar was difficult.

T-80UD Skif 1/35, city camouflage

I could not get the Google Image like this camouflage. I may be mistaking the pattern…..

large spare fuel tanks, T-80UD Skif 1/35

Mounting two spare fuel tanks seems Russian tank image.

Many reactive armor is attached on the armor, T-80UD

Many reactive armor is attached on the armor. It’s a peculiar feature of the present age tank.

reactive armor on the front, T-80UD

So good texture did not go out because the light was too large, though I use the epoxy transparent patty for the glass expression. I might cut out the transparent plastic panel…..

washing and pastel painting, T-80UD Skif 1/35

I did washing and pastel painting as usual.

decals of T-80UD

Not so many decals and it’s well attached and no silvering.

T-80UD Skif 1/35, build and painting to finish

It takes much time to complete all between long interval. Many parts were broken and repaired. After solving many troubles, I love this kit very much.

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