JGSDF Type 60 APC Armored Personnel Carrier Finemolds 1/35

It is a Finemolds Ground Self-Defense Force 60 type armored car. The marking was the 4th Tank Battalion, Camp Kusu, Ohita pref. 1991. It is easy to make as a whole, and it is also good to wear a partially connected track.

JGSDF Tank Crew 1965-1990s Finemolds 1/35

I made a set of Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force tank crew with Finemolds. They are wearing uniforms used from 65 to '90s. All 4 of us are wearing Type 65 work clothes and I was wondering what color to paint with. It will match well if you put it on a Type 61 tank.

JGSDF Type 61 Tank Finemolds 1/35

I made a Finemolds Type 61 tank. The special etched parts affect the performance of this vehicle. It is good that the partially connected track is easy to assemble. I'm not sure if the decal was not in the first place or if I lost it, but I had a hard time losing it.

Japanese Tank Type 3 Chi-Nu Finemolds 1/35

Finemolds type 3 medium tank Chi-Nu. I used Vision Models connected track of Chi-Ha. Perhaps because Chi-Nu is large, there are not enough tracks, so I cut and pasted the belt-style footwear a little and connected it.

Japanese Tank Type 1 Chi-He Finemolds 1/35

This is the Finemolds Japanese Tank Type 1 Chi-He and a Vision model connected track for Chi-Ha. I chose the 5th Tank Regiment Headquarters, Colonel Sugimoto. It was in August 1945, in Saitama Prefecture Japan.

Syusui Mitsubishi J8M Rocket-Powered Interceptor Finemolds 1/35

Finemolds Shusui. This prototype fighter jet, Shusui, was designed based on a blueprint of a fighter jet that was put to practical use, such as the Messerschmidt Me163, provided by Germany. Marking is a test ride aircraft of Captain Toyohiko Inuzuka during the first flight of a test model Syusui.

Type 94 6-Wheeled Truck Hard Top Imperial Japanese Army Finemolds 1/35

This is Finemolds Type 94 6-Wheeled Truck. The marking is the 11th tank regiment, it was Shumshu Island at the end of the war. I combined my drum kit.

Imperial Japanese Army Tank Crew Set No.2 Finemolds 1/35

Finemolds tank soldier set. I changed the head to resin and did other things. Tank soldiers in the Imperial Army generally wore work uniforms called "Iko" (work clothes and hakama) in consideration of ease of movement and the environment during maintenance.

Type 4 Chi-To Imperial Japanese Army Medium Tank Finemolds 1/35

I built a Finemolds type 4 medium tank Chi-To. The track is a belt type, but if you carefully wind it, it will look quite realistic. I was weathering with the idea that it was a tank used for homeland defense in Japan, however before I knew it, the tone was the same as usual.

Type2 Ho-I Imperial Japanese Army Tank Destroyer Finemolds 1/35

It is a Finemolds Type2 Ho-I tank. I used an Imperial Army Type 97 movable track by Vision Models. I bought it again because the current kit has been changed to a partially connected track. The body is bigger than other tanks of the Imperial Army.
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