German Flakpanzer Gepard A1/A2 Meng Model 1/35

I made a Gepard self-propelled antiaircraft gun of MENG. It is my first production of a Bundeswehr vehicle. Marking is Westerwald Caravanguard, 2nd Regiment 2nd Armored Anti-Air Battalion, Bundeswehr, 1989.

Jagdpanther Ausf.G1 Sd.Kfz.173 Meng Model 1/35

The Jagdpanther is completed. The chassis was taken from the Panther tank. The main gun is equipped with a 71 caliber 88 mm gun, so it is heavily armed like the King Tiger heavy tank. MENG Jagdpanther kit is good overall, so I didn't think much about it and just moved my hands. The selection of parts is a little troublesome, maybe it is an excellent point of this kit.

Panther Ausf.D Sd.Kfz.171 Meng Model 1/35

I made a Meng Model Panther. ​This tank marking is the 11th Armored Division 10th Armored Brigade 39th Tank Regiment 52th Battalion 6th Company 3rd Platoon. It is rare for a snorkel to be set upright.

Kingtiger Henschel Turret German Heavy Tank Meng Model 1/35

MENG MODEL King Tiger. It was possible to correct the distortion of the sus-arm by devising the assembly process. I appreciate that it was released at a reasonable price. Handling the Zimmerit Coating decal was a unique task.

Tortoise A39 British Heavy Assault Tank Meng Model 1/35

It is a Tortoise heavy assault tank of MENG. It took a long time to assemble the footwear of the chassis like a heavy tank. It was the end of the war and they had no chance to play an active role before they were sent to the front. I heard that only 6 were produced.
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