JASDF Trainer Aircraft T-6 Texan Platz 1/144

It's a Platz Texan trainer. It seems like the Air Self-Defense Force and the Maritime Self-Defense Force's Texans are included in the F-Toys Convention's Japanese Wing Collection 4 series. I wonder if this is for people who assemble and paint by themselves.

Focke-Wulf Fw190D-9 JV44 Luftwaffe Platz 1/144

It is a Platz Focke-Wolf Fw190. It is a rare kit that all the red parts on the underside of the fuselage are decals. I was nervous about pasting this. The marking is JV44.

P-51D Mustang U.S. Army Air Force Fighter Platz 1/144

I thought Sweet was the only 1/144 scale airplane plastic model with a good mold, but this Platz Mustang is pretty good. It is difficult to mark small airframes in detail. But I think propellers are pretty realistic.
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