Type94 TK Imperial Japanese Army Light Armored Car Finemolds 1/35


I made it in parallel with the Tiger Tank which I posted separately. I built it from May 2008 to August 2008.

TYPE94 TK FINEMOLDS 1/35 BOX PACKAGEIt is a Japanese Imperial Army light armored car Type 94.

TYPE94 TK FINEMOLDS 1/35 MAKINGThere are not so many parts, only making for a moment after I came back from office, assemble was completed only 2-3 days.

TYPE94 TK FINEMOLDS 1/35 MAKINGThe exhaust tube cover photo-etched part was shaped pleasantly to use the attachment jig.

TYPE94 TK FINEMOLDS 1/35 MAKINGThe shape of slacking was difficult since the caterpillar was made of a rubber belt. I made them slacken a little by using the instant adhesive for the point. The left side is more natural slacking than the right.

TYPE94 TK FINEMOLDS 1/35 MAKING HANDMADE JAPANESE TANK CREWNow I’m making a Japanese tank crew. It’s from another Finemolds tank kit.

TYPE94 TK FINEMOLDS 1/35 PAINTINGCompare to the Tiger I that now I’m also making. You can see the Japanese armored car is very small.

TYPE94 TK FINEMOLDS 1/35 PAINTINGI used the masking liquid to the place remain yellow line.

TYPE94 TK FINEMOLDS 1/35 PAINTINGThere is no atmosphere of the Imperial Army tank. Paint in dark green, red-brown, and yellow ocher, but I should have adjusted more to match the Japanese tank color. Maybe one more color I should have used.

TYPE94 TK FINEMOLDS 1/35 PAINTINGPainting to use masking liquid was a failure. First of all, the adhesive power of this liquid is strong and it took much time to peel all the remaining liquid clearly. I could not remove all masking liquid, especially near the complex area.
And in the real tank painting process, the yellow line paint was last I suppose. But this process, the yellow line was painted first and the border of the different colors was unnatural looking.

TYPE94 TK FINEMOLDS 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOLight armored car “Type 94 TK” was developed from the base concept of British Carden-Loyd tankettes. About 840 cars were produced from 1933 to 1940. At first, this might have been a reliable war machine.

TYPE94 TK FINEMOLDS 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOMarking was the commander car of the second independent light armored car company of the Chinese front in 1937 as in the manual.

TYPE94 TK FINEMOLDS 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOI suppose it’s better to draw the yellow lines more, but it’s a tiny tank and not so much space to draw them.

TYPE94 TK FINEMOLDS 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOThis tank needed two crews. It was a problem that the combat efficiency fell when one person was injured while in combat.

TYPE94 TK FINEMOLDS 1/35 FINISHED PHOTO JAPANESE TANK COMMANDERToo close and the photo quality is not good. I wrote the collar badge of this commander. It is the first time to write the insignia of the Japanese army. I imagined about the second lieutenant or the lieutenant. The mold of this face looks Japanese.

TYPE94 TK FINEMOLDS 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOAll OVMs were painted in khaki from the instruction manual. I painted the shovel and the jack in khaki.

TYPE94 TK FINEMOLDS 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOI think the exhaust tube cover photo-etched parts are the good effect of precision increasing…..

TYPE94 TK FINEMOLDS 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOTo understand the actual size, I put this car on my cellular phone.

TYPE94 TK FINEMOLDS 1/35 FINISHED PHOTOThe star has adhered on the front. The mark of Mt. Fuji was from the Fujita forces. Since this model is easily built so I can recommend it.


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