Type97 Chi-Ha Imperial Japanese Army Medium Tank Finemolds 1/35


It is the middle tank of the Japanese Imperial Army. I blended Tamiya enamel and finished it. It is built in September 2014.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 BOX PACKAGEI’ll make the Imperial Japanese Army tank after a long absence. It is one of the main tanks which the Japanese army used in the Pacific War.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 MAKINGBecause it’s the notched tooth, it took time a little for sanding the parting lines. I filed all the lines including road wheels.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 MAKINGThis belt-type caterpillar is tight as it is. I make slack a little like the following.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 MAKINGThis belt caterpillar can be attached by the plastic adhesion bond, I make the tread slacks with tissues and fix the contact part with the upper instruction wheels with adhesive.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 MAKINGThe photo-etched of the exhaust pipe cover has good looking. I need to be careful not to be clogging the small mesh when I paint the body.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 MAKINGThere seem to be bad effects on the caterpillar tread when I use too much adhesive. Lightly slacking is enough.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 MAKINGI completed the assembly. It’s a very small turret. One main cannon and 2 machine guns front and rear total.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 MAKINGI wonder the figure crew is attached or not. So the turret hatch is remaining open.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 MAKINGThe circular thing around the turret is a radio antenna. German tanks equipped radio equipment quickly and keep superiority of tactical operation. Like these, it’s one of the Japanese tank’s epoch-making points.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 PAINTINGFor a vivid yellow color, I blew this first and masking.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 PAINTING TANK COMMANDERThough it was not a good quality thing to show other people, I did a full scratch figure with a light feeling because there was not a Japanese Imperial tank crew at hand. The nightmare of several years ago revived. When I made German Steyr 1500, I was challenged to make many scratch figures but gave up full-scratch without getting along well. At that time, I could not make head and hand, which are too difficult for me.
It is a too-thin chest and other many failure points this time, but anyway it’s a good experience of making head and hand (holding hand is easier) first time for me. The figure making is really hard work but interesting.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 PAINTINGThis tank’s camouflage patterns are sharp so I painted by brush. Mr. color releases special color for the Japanese Imperial tank set but I don’t like lacquer paint by handwriting, I like enamel paint.
Green is mixed with Dark Green and Khaki, Brown is mixed with Hull Red and Desert Yellow, Earth color is mixed with Flat Earth and Khaki and Flat Brown. I suppose these colors are pretty close to the original.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 FINISHED WORKI made this Japanese military tank after a long blank. I painted with Tamiya enamel paint, it’s difficult to mix colors for Japanese original tank colors.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 FINISHED WORKStar mark under the headlight, clear headlight parts, and the Japanese flags are good appeal points. Looking very nice.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 FINISHED WORKThe Japanese tank looks like a small gun turret when I look at it from this angle. The body looks big by comparison with the gun turret but is the almost same as 5.56m of the Germany III tank, this tank length is 5.55m. The caterpillar I made slack forcibly became a slightly strange shape.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 FINISHED WORKThis kit has clear parts of tail light which are Orange, green, and red-lined light, and one red light.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 FINISHED WORKI had hard weathering paint for a camouflaged tank this time. The dirt of the red earth on the side, front and rear chassis, the top surface was dusted whitish color.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 FINISHED WORKUmmm, it became a dark side of my history… I made a full scratch figure from clay but failed. But I performed it until the painting was completed. He is the second lieutenant of the Japanese tank crew. It is the first full scratch, but hard to finish up with sharp detail.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 FINISHED WORKThe marking of this tank is the 9th tank regiment 5th company in Saipan Is. 1944.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 FINISHED WORKThe yellow line affects to lose of the outline of the vehicle and visibility seems to fall from the enemy’s searching. I think some of my photo’s tank outline blurs and effective camouflage.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 FINISHED WORKThe tank was used in the south island where the rain squall fell every day was considered severe. The tanks had been covered with rust and dirt immediately.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 FINISHED WORKThe small mesh of muffler cover had been buried partly, but I think it’s a good atmosphere generally.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 FINISHED WORKA three-color light on the left side of the hatch is peculiar and is interesting. The copper metallic headband antenna is a good accent, too.

TYPE97 CHI-HA FINEMOLDS 1/35 FINISHED WORKA small and cozy impression of Type 97 CHI-HA tank. The caterpillar tread is good enough with the belt, but show a desire, one option is separated track link caterpillar which would be improved completeness. Anyway, I enjoyed it thoroughly and learned many things.


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