package of U.S. ARMY WWII TANK CREW SET ALPINE 1/35I’ll make these American tank crew figures. By the way, I have not built WWII US tank after Sherman. I wonder they are fit if I arrange figures on the US track currently building. The figure who wears a tanker’s helmet is likely not matched with trucks after all.

painting of U.S. ARMY WWII TANK CREW ALPINE 1/35I bought a set figure a long time ago and I made one with a Walker Bulldog. Recently I’ve moved to finish the other. Alpine figures are an all good atmosphere.

Alpine figures are all good atmosphere. Face and clothes are lightly painted.Face and clothes are lightly painted.

build and painting to finish, U.S. ARMY WWII TANK CREW SET ALPINE 1/35Alpine seems to be releasing the American tank crew of various relaxing poses pretty much. This kit was purchased over 5 years ago and it was stocked all the way, but it was finally completed.

US tank crew paintingBy the way, my favorite military novelist Mr. Daisuke Sato passed away. He’s 52 years old, I am sorry he was still young. I read a lot of interesting stories, but it is almost incomplete. He died without completing many works. I also want to complete the kit as much as possible that once started to build.

I tried making the insignia data and printed it on a blank decal sheet, named "Miracle Decals"I tried making the insignia data and printed it on a blank decal sheet, named “Miracle Decals” which is sold in the Japanese market. This time I used a clear type as it is hard to cut out. Even if blowing the base spray in advance, ink printing is not so good of my inkjet printer, so it will eventually be hand-drawn with a microfacet brush. Miracle decal is both good and bad points. If I paint the paste area in white in advance, the coloring may be better. Let’s try it next time.

This time I used a clear type "Miracle Decals" as it is hard to cut out.finished US tank soldier buildingRecently, it is a good age as not only German tank crew, but also Italian, French and Imperial Japanese tank crew and other niche items are available for injection kits. I also have a Mini-Art Italian tank crew, I would like to search for a tank which is not my stock now.

building the US tank soldier relaxed standing pose US tank crewI made this figure with the AFV Club Walker Bulldog some years ago.

military figure tank crew paintingThis figure is brush painted without relying on decals. The fine molds on a high-quality resin figure are easy to a paintbrush. Advanced techniques will be required to paint fine markings on a normal injection figure with a brush.

wearing tanker jacket crewTanker jacket is cool, isn’t it? Good feeling like US tank soldier. It was popular with the tank crew because it is easy to move.

tanker jacketThe resin figure is pretty good, but after all, the price is a little expensive. I would like to paint with spirit to the nice molded figure. This time it is a satisfactory finish for myself. Next time, I have to make a tank, I need a tank that fits this crew.

Alpine US tank crew set painting

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