Yak-3 Soviet Air Force Fighter Eduard 1/48


Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 BOX PACKAGE I’ll build this Eduard Soviet fighter, Yak-3. The orange ProfiPack has colored photo-etched parts, so it feels a little richer than normal modeling.

Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 MAKING There are few parts and the impression that I saw it was a simple injection plastic model kit. The part number is not assigned to the runner and it seems to assemble compared with the manual. It will also struggle to fit parts.

Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 MAKING I appreciate that the photo-etched parts and masking sheet are attached.

Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 MAKING Marking can be selected from 5 types. The basic camouflage paint is the same. I think that I choose flashy coloring from among them.

Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 MAKINGThe cockpit color is C522 clear yellow by the manual, but C522 was the land color of the Imperial Japanese Army tank color. Maybe the color C522 fits the cockpit. German gray is OK, I suppose. I painted the various parts in the same color, so I tried to paint them first. Since parts will be shaped, there will be parts to paint again.

Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 MAKING I used many colored photo-etched parts in the cockpit. There is an instruction to process and attach a very thin plastic rod. As I cannot do very detailed work, I have skipped some works.

Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 MAKING COCKPIT In the case of the same Eduard Polikarpov small fighter, which I made before, I could not see too much detail even if I assembled the cockpit with photo-etched parts. I took some pictures for now.

Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 MAKING COCKPIT This cockpit panel is made by combining about 4 photo-etched parts.

Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 MAKING COCKPIT How to install the seat belt might be different. But I can see the fine printing on these parts and have a sense of precision.

Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 MAKING COCKPITThe working of the lever was bothersome and omitted, but I really liked the precision of the cockpit panel.

What can I say about this kit? Is it a simple injection? There are no dowel holes for fitting parts. It is necessary to paste and attach small parts in my own sense.

Now I’m checking the canopy fitting temporarily and there is a little gap. Maybe I can fix this later.

Canopy masking is easy and nice because it contains a masking sheet. It is very convenient to use, and I am as happy as colored etched parts.

On the left wing, there is a pitot tube. It is standard work, I changed it to a metal pipe.

Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 MAKING The exhaust pipe was drilled with the tip of the design knife. It’s still rough. I will pour Mr. Cement and make the surface smooth later.

Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 MAKING I got lost in the painting process, and in this case, I decided to paint after the landing gear was completely bonded. I have to retouch the color that first blew points. I personally like to assemble first and paint later as much as possible.

Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 PAINTINGI think that the Eduard color specification on the underside of the aircraft, Mr. color 323 light blue, is different. It feels so unnatural that it is too bright. I used No. 74 Air Superiority-Blue.

Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 PAINTING I masked the lower surface of the aircraft. Because it was a small fighter, it was not too much trouble.

Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 PAINTING It is an aircraft that is quite plainly painted. It is a camouflage paint that seems to blend into the winter earth of Russia or Eastern Europe.

Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 PAINTING I ignored the color specification of the instruction and painted it with my favorite color. Mr. Color No. 324, light gray, and No. 317 gray FS 36231 and blue are as described above.

Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 PAINTINGThe marking of my choice is flashy. It will be near completion soon. Steam is doing a summer sale again, When I buy a game, I feel that modeling is likely to be jacked up.

Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 FINISHED WORK Yak-3 has been completed. Yak is the meaning of A.S. Yakovlev Design Bureau. So far, it was superior to Luftwaffe, the Soviet Air Force operating this Yak-3 in 1943, it became possible to fight more than equal.

Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 FINISHED WORK Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 FINISHED WORK Armed with one 20mm gun and two 12.7mm machine guns. The Yak-3 has good low to medium-high athletic performance, equal to or better than Me109. A total of about 4,800 fighters were produced.

Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 FINISHED WORK Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 FINISHED WORK Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 FINISHED WORK It is a quotation from the instruction manual of Eduard. Although this is a relatively well-known and often illustrated aircraft, details of it and its pilot, Lt. S. I. Rogovoi, are more obscure. According to memoirs, this Yak-3 was dedicated to him for his role in the saving of a vessel in the Amursk Flotilla. Semyon I. Rogovoi served with the 64th GIAP / 4th GIAD from October 1944 to May 1945 as a flight leader, and by the end of the war, he gained a minimum of five confirmed kills.

Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 FINISHED WORK Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 FINISHED WORK Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 FINISHED WORK As I’m used to Hasegawa and Tamiya kits, assembling is a little difficult. The number of parts is small, though.

Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 FINISHED WORK Yak-3 EDUARD 1/48 FINISHED WORK I forgot to attach the rearview mirror to the canopy. This is absolutely impossible to correct. I also filled in the gap between the canopy and the fuselage with the putty, so I didn’t want to open up and add more parts. Unfortunately, I don’t correct it this time.

I thought it was a 1/72 scale kit because of this size. It is a small but good-performing, mass-produced fighter that overwhelms the German Air Force since WWII mid-stage. It is good to make Eduard’s Profi Pack once in a while.


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